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9+ Proud Dog Mamas Showing Off Their Babies

Is there anything better in the world than puppies?

Are they perfect? Not really, no. I mean, they're not house broken yet and have a tendency to chew everything in sight, but how can you stay mad at such adorable, fuzzy faces. They're trying their bestest, even if their bestest ruined your favorite shoes.

If we humans think raising puppies is hard work, imagine what it must be like for their mamas! No wonder these ladies are so proud of themselves.


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I don't know whether or not the second dog is actually related to the puppies, but that mama definitely has the over-tired look of a mom in need of a break while dad just keeps taking pics.

There's always that one oddball in the litter.

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By this point, mama dog is too exhausted to care anymore. Are they fed? Great, that's the important part. Who cares if they look like a dork in the process?

"They're finally all asleep!"

Imgur | bellafelis

I assume that breeders can buy color-coded puppy colors in bulk somewhere, because I have never seen that sort of selection available at one time in my local PetSmart.

Mom is all tuckered out.

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Chasing after one's babies is tiring enough, but this mother golden retriever has only three legs, so she was working extra hard.

A remarkably stress-free meal time.

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I love how well-trained everyone is here. Even the parents are waiting patiently on their mat until their many puppies finish eating.

Cafeteria supervisor.

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This litter is smaller, but clearly needs a more watchful eye than the larger group. Sometimes, it's not about number, but instead simply a matter of personality.

"OMG, what have I done?!"

Imgur | S7ALK3R

I count 17 puppies in this photo, which is incredible. Of course, I may have miscounted, since that's a lot of identical brown bundles of fur.

"Husks" are beautiful dogs that always look slightly evil.

Reddit | Thediepend

I mean, look at that puppy in the lower left and try to tell me that it's not coming up with a plan for world domination.

"Phew. I really needed a break."


It doesn't look like the relief will last long. If I know anything about how quickly puppies grow, they're going to need a new barrier pretty soon, otherwise those puppers are going over.

Something about this particular mom's expression really speaks to me.

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Sure, humans have a bad habit of reading human emotions into animal faces, but this so perfectly matches that feeling of happy exhaustion that comes with having children.

Fluffy puppy butts are the cutest butts, hands down.

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I mean look at those bums!

I especially can't get over how even though they are so fluffy, you can still tell how wrinkled their little bodies are. They're going to grow up to be such cuddly bears.

This is Pebbles. Pebbles gave birth to 15 puppies.


A sourpuss might note that she's 84 puppies short, but I think 15 is more than enough! Good job, mom!

(Before anyone comments: There were 99 puppies in 101 Dalmatians. Pongo and Perdita were 100 and 101.)

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