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Gwen Stefani's Necklace In Newly Released Video Has Fans Talking: 'So Thoughtful'

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are right where they're supposed to be: together.

In addition to recently buying a house, the couple released the live music video for their duet, 'Nobody But You.'

When you aren't swooning over their adorable moments, you'll notice something interesting about Gwen's necklace.

So interesting, in fact, it's got all the fans talking.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's romance is one for the record books.

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The pair have been making the world swoon over their love since they first got together in 2015.

But that doesn't mean that they haven't had their fair share of obstacles.

For one, they were both still married to their now ex-partners when they first met as judges on *The Voice*.

Blake was still married to fellow country singer, Miranda Lambert while Gwen was still married to Gavin Rossdale.

Shelton was the first to file for divorce, followed soon by Stefani.

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While the pair described having an instant bond, it was actually their mutual divorces that caused them to get closer.

“That’s kind of how our friendship and bond started, that day,” Shelton told Billboard.

“It went from that, to checking in on each other once a week through email — ‘This [expletive] happened to me, what happened to you?’ — to maybe three times a week."

"Then every day, to ‘Hey, here’s my phone number if you ever want to text.’”

He continued:

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“Next thing I know, I wake up and she’s all I care about, and I’m ­wondering if she feels the same about me.”

Aww! What really sealed their deal of love, though, was the duet they did together in Season 2 of The Voice.

“By the second time she came around, both of our lives had basically fallen completely apart,” Shelton told *ET*.

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“And little did we know it happened to both of us at the same time and we bonded over that. So somewhere in that time of darkness it ended up being the greatest moment of my life. It’s amazing, it truly is," he said.

The singer believes that everything happened the way it was supposed to.

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“Both of us know that the timing, and the way she and I met and came together, it just felt like home, that’s not an accident,” he said.

“I think that the way that she and I were able to save each other’s lives and get ourselves through that time it was evidence to us that God had a hand in it.”

Speaking of duets, the couple who recently celebrated their four-year anniversary together, released a single, 'Nobody But You' together.

While the lyrics are beautiful, it's the live music video that will really get you swooning.

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"#NobodyButYou (Live) is OUT NOW! And man, I am a lucky guy… @gwenstefani!" Blake captioned a teaser for the video on Instagram, which Gwen later reposted.

Fans couldn't get enough of the sweet, tender moments between the two.

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"We are lucky to experience your talent and a little peek into your love for each other," one fan wrote.

"Goosebumps beautiful song for a beautiful couple," another added.

But one fan soon noticed something interesting about Gwen.

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"Anyone notice she is wearing the Blake given number 4 charm around her neck for the performance," one person wrote.

This prompted others to share their two-cents on the charm.

"The charm celebrating their four year anniversary... so thoughtful of Blake to give her that," this fan wrote.

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"She had spent four years healing and they are in a good place... they even bought a house together... so sweet! I love them together," they continued.

The house the fan mentioned is the stunning $13.2 million estate in Encino, located in Los Angeles's San Fernando Valley.

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Most recently, though, the couple has been self-isolating in Oklahoma since the coronavirus pandemic began.

With such a big step in their relationship, it makes you wonder if we'll hear wedding bells soon.

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“Gwen knows she is blessed and wants to have the wedding as soon as social distancing guidelines are lifted," a source told Us Weekly.

"They’ve never had this kind of soulmate synergy with anyone else."

Soo cute! We love to see them both so happy! They deserve it.

For more adorable moments and a glimpse at Gwen's necklace, check out their live music video.