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The Splendid Fairywren Is A Tiny Blue Bird That's Totally, Well, Splendid

The world of birds is vast and varied. Some birds are large and astonishing in their majesty, while others are tiny, colorful, and adorable. Personally, I like to appreciate all their different forms in their own special ways and leave none feeling left out of the love fest.

That said: look at how cute this tiny blue bird species is! OMG.

This blue beauty is called a Splendid Fairywren.

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Which is a name both perfectly descriptive and as adorable as they are.

They are tiny birds, reaching an average length of five-and-a-half inches, including the tail.

They are native to Australia.

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They are widely found in arid and semi-arid habitats that are dry and shrubby.

Breeding males are basically every shade of blue, with bands of contrasting black and hints of purple.

But the non-breeding males are pretty too.

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They fade to a soft brown shade, with a white belly, but their wing tips and tails keep their pop of blue.

Females look similar to the non-breeding males, but with only blue in their tails and a reddish-tan beak and face.

As with many bird species, loss of habitat is the most pressing concern for their livelihood.

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For these beauties in particular, urban sprawl is a danger. Splendid Fairywrens aren't strong fliers and are easy prey for stray cats and often can't get out of the way of moving vehicles before being struck.

Local residents can help by watching for the birds while driving, not letting their pet cats roam, and providing safe nesting areas on their property.

h/t: Australian Museum

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