7+ Tourists Who Probably Gave Their Hotel A One-Star Review

Has a hotel experience ever left you with a bad taste in your mouth? It doesn't feel too good, does it? When a business lets you down, it doesn't take much for you to post your frustration online.

And because of that, we now have an outlet so we can see all the bad places we should avoid like the plague.

1. This Surprise


This person and their business partner decided to share a hotel room in order to save some money. Needless to say, they weren't expecting to find this situation in their room. I guess they're about to get really chummy.

2. These Rules

Reddit | 13O1313YDeE

How would you feel if you got this "warm notice" from a Chinese hotel you were staying at? OMG, just what kind of establishment is this? That would be my first question, ha, ha! Other than that, good advice.

3. This Curious Find

Reddit | whatjusthappenedtous

Somebody checked into their room with a hot tub only to discover this. I guess the previous guests had just a little bit too much fun. At least the hotel staff could have cleaned this up.

4. This Bathroom Set Up

Reddit | Chappssss

Wow, somebody really didn't think this through when they designed this bathroom set-up. Either that or they're expecting a superhero to stay in this place. I, for one, don't have extendable arms. Not that I know of.

5. This Cold Welcome

Imgur | fallenpandabear

If you happen to be staying at this hotel, I truly fear for your life. Judging by the state of affairs and this door, I would be scared to step foot inside. But, good luck to you.

6. This Honest Warning

Reddit | time2fly80

Upon arriving at their hotel room, a guest actually found this on their bed. If that's not the beginning of a bad night's stay, I dunno what is. I would have had something to say about that to the manager.

7. This Pool

Reddit | ExHokie

Here's a perfect example of false advertising. This motel advertised that they had a pool. They definitely didn't mention that it was filled with gravel. WTF? I would be so pissed. I'm such a sucker for a good pool.

8. This Artwork


Is it just me or does this "art" resemble a bunch of hair? Quite the curious choice of art to hang on the wall of your hotel's lobby. No? I would be afraid to ask the staff about it.

9. This Shower Vent


If you happen to take a shower in this hotel room, don't be surprised if it gets unusually hot. After all, I don't think this is how a vent is supposed to be installed. Am I right?

10. These Stairs

Imgur | mediagarden

For someone like me who's got a bit of vertigo, these stairs seem like a total hazard. Add a few drinks on top of that and you really have an accident waiting to happen here. Yikes.

11. This Shower

Reddit | cbass62083

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you here. This shower door doubles as a door to the balcony, too. What? I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it. That's not even safe. Is it? This can't be right.

12. This Unfortunate Name

Reddit | Deep_Fry_Daddy

If I was an owner of a hotel with this unfortunate name, I would seriously consider changing it. Either that or I would have to come up with some sort of clever marketing slogan or something to get people to want to book a room.

13. This Sink

Reddit | MrGrieves123

Um, what in the heck is up with this sink? Why are there so may faucets? Is this some kind of trick or something? I'm totally lost here. Does one of them dispense wine? I sure hope so. Ha, ha!

14. This Rug

Reddit | jayradano

I dunno about you, but this hotel carpet looks just a bit too literal for me right about now. Doesn't it remind you of something? I'm talking about the coronavirus. Do you see it, too?

15. This Ashtray


Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you're staying in a non-smoking room there shouldn't be an ashtray, right? Especially one that defies the rules like this. Something doesn't seem right here. I would probably make sure it's non-smoking after all.

16. This Room Configuration

Reddit | whycantusonicwood

Somebody really messed up when it came to this room set-up here. It seems you can either close the closet or the bathroom, but sadly not both at the same time. Hmm, that doesn't impress me much.

17. This Elevator

Reddit | Ghastx

If this is what you find instead of a handle in an elevator in Europe, it probably isn't a good sign. I would be very wary of what is awaiting you once you get inside your room. Ha, ha!

18. This Frequent Traveler Gift

Reddit | Provenzer0

As a frequent traveler, you may get some extra goodies while staying at your hotel. In the case of this traveler, I don't think this is what he was expecting. LOL! Why even put it in a box?

19. This Door

Reddit | TofuMess

How would you feel if the hotel you stayed at had coffin-shaped doors like these? Would you feel comfortable there? Oh, yes, maybe if you were Dracula you would feel right at home. OMG, that's weird.

20. This Hotel History

Reddit | Miskamacska

Speaking of weird things, how would you feel about staying in this hotel? As it turns out, it used to be a psychiatric hospital. How is that for a good night's sleep? I dunno, I would feel creeped out.

21. This Tiny Room

Reddit | nipplotapos

If you ever thought your hotel room was a bit too small, get a load of this room in St. Petersburg, Russia. To me, this looks more like a closet and not an actual room. LOL!

22. This Room With A View

Reddit | puritycontrol

When a hotel in another country promises you a "room with a view," be careful. There might be something lost in translation. In this case, there's no actual view at all. Ha, ha! Wow!

No matter what I might have encountered on my various stays in hotel rooms, it doesn't compare to what these folks had to go through.

Ha, ha! I gotta admit though, it did provide me with some laughs at their expense.

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