Ryan Reynolds Crashed An 'X-Men' Reunion And Made It Super Awkward

For years, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been having an ongoing prank war.

This has led to hilarious results, as Ryan once created a political ad campaign to take Hugh down. Another time, Hugh joined forces with Jake Gyllenhaal.

But their latest bout was seriously everything. While Hugh was having an X-Men reunion on Zoom, Ryan awkwardly crashed the call. He even brought some friends!

This past Saturday, the cast of the original *X-Men* trilogy reunited over Zoom.


This included Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Halle Berry (Storm), Patrick Stewart (Professor X), Famke Janssen (Jean Grey), and Sir Ian McKellen (Magneto).

The cast catch-up was part of Global Citizen's Global Goal: Unite for Our Future.

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The organization, which Jackman is an ambassador for, has been raising money for COVID-19 relief by bringing together world leaders, activists, and philanthropists.

So far, they've raised more than $6.9 billion!

The reunion began with Hugh in disbelief that it's been 20 years since the first *X-Men* movie.

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With the exception of Sir Ian McKellen, Berry, Stewart, Janssen, and Jackman all starred in the first three X-Men movies during the years of 2000, 2003, and 2006.

"Not judging by Halle," Stewart replied to Jackman.

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The sweet compliment was returned by the actress who said, "aw, you're not so bad yourself, Professor."

Hugh then complimented Famke by saying that he should have dressed up more to match her.

All of a sudden, there was a weird beeping noise.

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This was followed with Sir Ian, dressed as Magento, putting up his hand and looking serious.

He must have sensed that something was coming since a few seconds later, Ryan Reynolds popped up on the screen.

"Knock knock," he said, smiling.

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"Woah, so many stars. Was that Ian McKellen?" he asked after the actor disappeared from the video chat.

Since Ryan was clearly crashing the X-Men reunion, Hugh had to put him in his place.

"Ryan, the cast and I were all reminiscing about the movie that we're all in together."

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While many — Ryan, included — try to forget this fact, the actor actually was in an X-Men movie.

He starred as a creepy version of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

This is the face of a man who's clearly welcome to the Zoom chat:

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Ryan, clearly oblivious to the fact that he's an unwelcome visitor, just smiled and said, "I hear ya. You know, I love that movie."

This is where things got really awkward...

"I hope it's okay that I joined," Ryan said awkwardly. "I figured we were all in *X-Men* together."

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To this, Halle held up her finger and said, "X-Men: Origin."

To make the whole thing even more awkward, Ryan then announced that he invited some other friends.

This, of course, was James McAvoy and Sophie Turner.

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It was like the past and the present were staring at each other, literally, through a computer screen.

That's because McAvoy played Professor Charles Xavier in recent X-Men films and Turned played Jean Grey.

"Oh, sorry, I thought this was the *Game of Thrones* reunion," Sophie said.

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She famously played Sansa Stark on the hit HBO show for eight seasons.

"You know, Tyrion Lannister was in an X-Men film," Ryan said, which quickly prompted Sophie to peace out.

The rest soon followed suit.

Famke said that she had to run since she had a James Bond reunion and then Halle remembered that she had that, too.

Next to leave was James, who had a Split reunion, followed by Patrick who had a Star Trek reunion.

In the end, there were two: Ryan and Hugh.

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"Bye, everyone," Hugh said, looking disappointed.

"That fell apart quickly," Ryan said. "Guess it's just me and you Logan."

Don't be fooled by the look of disdain on Hugh's face; he's totally relieved...

Ryan then had one final surprise:

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He brought in Liev Schreiber to transform the Zoom call into an X-Men Origins: Wolverine reunion.

Schreiber played Victor Creed in the poorly-reviewed film.

We bet this is one Zoom call Hugh would rather soon forget.

For the rest of the world, though, this video was truly everything!

After the skit ended, Hugh even returned to the screen to commemorate healthcare workers — the real everyday superheroes.

You can watch the hilarious clip here!