10+ Mistakes Fans Didn't Notice In 'Snow White'

Few movies are more iconic than Walt Disney's beloved fairytale, Snow White, even if it's not your favorite. This animated classic has remained a staple film in homes around the world for more than 80 years.

Below are 10+ mistakes that fans didn't notice in Snow White. It might be a classic, but it's a far cry from perfect.

The film is way ahead of the fashion curve...by a few centuries.

Take a look at the footwear that Snow White and the Evil Queen are sporting throughout the film: they're clearly pump shoes.

Pumps weren't actually around in Medieval Europe. Fashionable as they may be, it doesn't make sense that they'd be wearing them.

The pipes on the organ seem to switch places.


There's something not quite right about the pipe-organ in the Dwarfs' cottage. When Snow White first enters, the pipes are noticeably higher on the right and get gradually smaller on the left.

But at the end of the film when they're all singing "The Silly Song", the pipes have reversed.

A diagnosis that's way ahead of its time.

There's a scene where Bashful shoves a vase of flower into Sneezy's face, causing him to erupt and yell aloud "My hay-fever!"

Without a doubt he could have an allergy, but the term "hay-fever" wasn't coined until the early 19th century.

What happened to Snow White's cape?


Before Snow White begins cleaning the Dwarfs' cottage, she removes her cape and hangs it on a hook on the wall. After a hard day's work, they arrive home and are in utter disbelief at how clean their home is.

Somehow in the hustle, her cape manages to vanish and isn't seen again for the entire movie.

Why doesn't Sleepy get a kiss?

During the scene when all the Dwarfs are leaving for work, each receives a kiss from Snow White. Well, almost everyone...

For some reason, instead of giving Sleepy a smacker, she pats him on the head and sends him out the door.

Doc's glasses truly are ahead of their time.


Little could be done to help those who were either near or farsighted in the Middle Ages. Glasses like Doc's would have been completely unheard of.

Doc's glasses resemble Benjamin Franklin's bi-focal lenses, which weren't invented until the 1700s.

Doc doesn't know how to use a jeweler's loupe.


I won't even touch the fact that these guys are mining cut gems, but the misuse of the loupe is borderline comical.

Take a look when he holds it to his eye and you'll see that it's actually backward.

How does the door handle manage to reattach itself?


When the Dwarves first discover Snow White, they run from her room and accidentally lock Dopey inside. He winds up snapping door handle off in pure terror just to get out.

Moments later, it re-attaches itself.

Just how many steps are there to get into the cottage?


Clearly, there are some animation cells that don't match up in the film. If you pay extra close attention to the steps just outside the cottage door, you'll see them change throughout.

They swap from one to two, and back to one.

What's that bridge made out of?


When Grump smacks his head off of the bridge, it makes the distinct sound of metal-on-metal.

That's kind of surprising considering that bridge is made out of wood and metal bridges wouldn't be around for centuries.

Washing up for dinner would never have occurred to anyone living in the 13th century.


It just wasn't a thing! People in Medieval times were lucky if they bathed once a month.

Washing their hands before a meal wouldn't even cross their mind.

Roll over, Beethoven. You're in the wrong century!


During "The Silly Song" Grumpy is playing a modified version pf a pump-organ. As truly incredible as his piano chops are, they're completely out of place.

Pump-organs such as this weren't invented until the late 19th century.

Is there a Dopey clone?


During the dance scene, where Dopey is standing atop Sneezy's head, he appears to be in two places at once.

Not only is he dancing with Snow White, but Dopey's also playing the drums and banging on the symbols in the background.

Where did the hag's wart go?

After the evil queen transforms herself into the wretched hag, one of her distinguishing features is a large wart that can be seen on her left hand.

Later on in the film, after she has her encounter with Snow White, it completely disappears.

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day.


Both the Dwarfs' cottage, as well as the mine, have a clock mounted on the wall. Clocks of any kind wouldn't have been found anywhere in the Middle Ages.

Back then, people told time simply by looking at the sun.