10+ Mistakes In Disney's Classic 'Cinderella'

Few films possess the magic and wonderment of Disney's classic Cinderella movie. It taught us that dreams are wishes our hearts make and that they really can come true.

Along the way to that grand revelation, the film also made its fair share of errors.

Check out these 10+ mistakes in Disney's classic Cinderella that fans may not have noticed.

Disney is full of amazing movies, television shows, and stories that make every fan laugh, cry, and want to turn back time to be a child again.

Even though we can't turn back time, when we go back and rewatch our favorite classic films, it definitely awakens the child within us.

One of those movies is the gorgeously made classic, *Cinderella*.

While the movie is one of the most well-known Disney movies of all time, and fans love it, that doesn't make it perfect!

In fact, there are quite a few mistakes to be found!

1. What happened to the string connecting the pearls?

Walt Disney Pictures

Make sure to pay close attention as Gus runs into the wall with the green pearl necklace. It breaks apart and pearls are sent flying everywhere.

The string connecting them seems to be nowhere in sight.

Also, the amount of pearls on the dormouse's tail keeps on changing.

Walt Disney Pictures

Before the scene cuts, we watch as Jaq places three of the pearls onto Gus' tail.

However, when it cuts back, Gus has only two pearls on his tails and we watch once again as Jaq slips on a third.

2. Where did Cinderella find Gus' yellow shirt?

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Watch closely as Gus waddles his way into the shot.

Cinderella had nothing in her hands just a moment ago, so how was she able to pull a tiny custom fit yellow sweater out of thin air?

3. The Roman Numerals on the clock are wrong.

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This is a bit of an embarrassing oversight, to say the least. First of all, there are two number twelves: The Roman Numeral for eleven is XI, yet it reads as XII. Also, four should be IV instead of IIII.

4. The shadow changes position.

Walt Disney Pictures

When Cinderella walks into her evil stepmother's room, her back is to the wall and her silhouette is directly behind her.

The light is coming from an open window to the right of the bed.

And then it's all of a sudden in front of her?

Walt Disney Pictures

When Cinderella approaches the bed, the light shifts and her shadow has done a complete 180.

Which makes no sense whatsoever, considering they're inside and the light is from a fixed position.

5. Cinderella's gown changes from long-sleeved to short-sleeved.

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After the wedding, while Cinderella is making her ascent into the carriage, you can very clearly see that she is wearing a long-sleeved gown.

As she pulls away and we see her and the prince kiss, her dress changes to ivory white and has no sleeves.

6. Is Cinderella's Fairy Godmother frozen?

Walt Disney Pictures

The scene where the Fairy Godmother turns the pumpkin into the carriage is one of the most magical moments in animation. It's too bad that it also happens to be the most erroneous.

Watch the Fairy Godmother: she is literally frozen in place for the entire sequence.

7. If the glass slipper supposedly fits perfectly, how did it fall off in the first place?

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This is just common sense, is it not? If the glass slipper will only fit Cinderella's foot because it is a "perfect fit," then how could it have possibly fallen off in the first place?


8. Those aren't the same mice.

Walt Disney Pictures

When Cinderella's Fairy Godmother changes the horses back into dormice, you'll notice that somehow one has completely changed.

It started out with Gus, Jaq, and the twins. Yet when they change back, one of the twins is replaced with the little mouse.

9. Is Cinderella a practicing ventriloquist?

Walt Disney Pictures

When she's awoken by the dormice, she makes her way behind the screen singing to herself "ta dum dam tadee."

If you look closely at her mouth, however, you'll notice that her lips aren't actually moving.

10. The duvet on Cinderella's bed keeps on changing positions.

Walt Disney Pictures

When she wakes up, Cinderella kicks the blanket down by the foot of the bed. There are three cut scenes that show the bed and, in each one, the duvet is in a different spot.

By the time the scene ends, the bed manages to "make" itself.

11. Where did everybody go?

Walt Disney Pictures

It's not necessarily surprising but Cinderella's evil stepsisters sure do know how to clear a room.

When they make their initial approach toward the prince at the ball, somehow the entire hallway appears empty, when it was full just moments before.

12. What happened to Cinderella's rags?

Walt Disney Pictures

During the scene where Cinderella's dress is ruthlessly ripped to shreds by her evil stepsisters, watch the floor in the aerial shot.

All of the rags that were there just a moment ago seem to have somehow vanished.

13. The door opens from the wrong side.

Walt Disney Pictures

Watch closely during the scene where Cinderella's stepmother locks her inside her bedroom. When Cinderellas sees her in the mirror, it's as a reverse image - not a mirrored image.

The door opens from the opposite side!

14. Turning point.

When Anastasia runs into the stepmother's room after an incident, she shoves the door open without bothering with the handle.

However, when Cinderella goes in after her, she has to turn it. A tiny continuity mistake.

15. Birds and mice, oh my!


When the birds drop the sponge into the basin, you can actually see that a mouse is standing by the jar, leaning against it.

However, in the next shot where it is a close-up, the mouse is suddenly gone.

16. The breakfast club.


When Cinderella is going up the stairs with the three breakfast trays, Gus is actually under the cup in the right-hand tray.

That particular tray is dropped off in the first room, which is Drizella's room.

However, when screams are heard and Lucifer makes his attempt to catch and eat Gus, it's in the middle room!

That room belongs to Anastasia who suddenly is the one with the mouse.

17. Cinderella's voice is no more.

Once Cinderella runs from the prince, everything in her world goes back to normal, except for her glass shoe.

She goes to thank the Fairy Godmother, and says, "Thank you so much for everything."

However, when she says "for," her mouth doesn't move correctly!

Her mouth is supposed to close slightly to mouth the word, but her mouth stays open the entire time, which wouldn't give off the sound that makes "for."

18. "Cinderella might not go to the ball."


Right before the animals make their attempt at sewing a dress for Cinderella, Jaq says, "Cinderella might not go to the ball."

Then, a mouse that is right on the edge of a spool of thread with a needle, cries, "What?"

The shot changes, and then suddenly she is sitting on the center of the spool, and just as suddenly, the needle is no longer there!

This also changes back and forth as the scene develops.

What's the truth?!

19. Half a meter.


The king leans on the table staring at the duke, frustrated by his situation after throwing the bookends away.

In the first shot, his stomach is on the table and his left hand is grabbing the left edge. But a shot later he is half a meter away, and his hands are by his stomach.

21. The yellow jacket.

When Jaq tells Cinderella that there's a guest, she picks a yellow jacket for herself, a blue piece of fabric, and some shoes.

One shot later, she is lacking the shoes. One shot after that, the jacket and fabric are gone, too.

22. Wide open mouth.

When Lady Tremaine locks Cinderella in, Cinderella turns around in front of the mirror and exclaims "Oh no!"

The only problem is that her mouth is just open, and not actually moving. Again.

Do you know of any other animation, audio, or continuity errors in this classic movie?

Or were you completely blindsided by this article and didn't know about any of them?

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