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The Eurasian Bullfinch Is A Round Little Bundle Of Peach Feathers

Peach is a strange colour. It's of course most associated with the fruit bearing the same name. Considering the history of color theory, it's probably safe to assume that the fruit came first and, much like orange, we began referring to that particular shade of pale, orangey-pink by the same name.

Outside of flowers, the color peach isn't that common in the natural world, but one particular bird breed more than makes up for that all on its own.

Meet the Eurasian Bullfinch, a round little bird with a vibrant peach chest.

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Most academic descriptions of these birds refer to it as a "red breast" or "rosy breast," but let's be real here: that's peach.

For some of the examples, you may be able to sway me towards calling it "coral" or "salmon" in hue, but in no world is that "red."

Anyway, these cuties are common throughout Europe and Asia, with habitat stretching all the way from the British Isles to Japan.

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They prefer dense vegetation and are considered quite shy, but have been seen enjoying seeds from suburban bird feeders when foraging is difficult.

They don't migrate much, but will stray a ways south from their breeding ground in search of food during the coldest months of the year.

Though the males are brightly colored, the females are a more of a soft, pinkish beige.

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No, they don't always look like fluffy orbs, but outside of the warmest months, they poof up to keep warm.

I, for one, support poofy borbs of all sorts.

These are the only members of the finch family that have specialized "food sacs."

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The sacs are located in the bottom of their mouths, giving them a place to store seeds foraged farther away from the nest and bring them home to their babies.

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