Hairstylist Gives Clients Custom Makeovers To Highlight Their Unique Beauty

A talented hairdresser can really change the way a person looks. And more so, they can even bring back their self-confidence. That is a talent not many people possess.

It's something Jurgita MalakauskaitÄ— does every day. She transforms her clients from looking ordinary to extra special in just a short period of time. That is her life's passion and you can see why.

Lithuanian hairstylist Jurgita Malakauskaitė just wants to make people happy.

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She definitely does that with her amazing hair transformations. It's pretty evident that her talent is definitely not being wasted here. The looks she creates for her clients are stunning.

Jurgita has been fascinated by hairstyling since the tender age of 16.

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Her parents even let her practice her skills when they opened a small hairdresser's place. This just goes to show you that encouraging kids at a young age works.

Now she's been perfecting her work for the past 24 years.

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She uses a unique approach to working with her clients. It involves classifying the client's needs by type. She looks at their eyes, skin, natural hair color, and texture.

She categorizes them based on the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

For example, Winter people have light eyes and darker hair, and Summer people have light eyes, grayish hair, and a light skin tone. She puts special importance on people's eye color.

She compares the whole process of creating a person's new look to creating a painting.

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First, she figures out the colors. Then, she takes into account the shape of their face. Last but not least, she looks at their hair texture.

I wish every hairstylist took that much time to work with their clients on their new look.

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Jurgita feels like she's sort of like an architect. Her goal is to bring out each of her client's potential and their unique character.

She also likes to see how her clients look when they're all-natural.

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That way she's able to determine the form of their whole body notwithstanding their face. She believes that's the job of a good hairstylist to begin with.

It's also important to her to show women that they don't need to be afraid of experimenting with their looks.

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Whether it's a new hairstyle, applying more makeup, or finding the right lipstick to finish their look. It all works together.

Jurgita likes to show her clients the potential that lies inside of them.

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She tries to open them up to some constructive criticism as well. She believes in being truthful with people in order to help them improve their looks.

She believes that even criticism can be a helpful tool for someone.

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So she lets her clients see that it's okay to listen to comments that may, at first, come off as negative. It's all about improving oneself after all.

Jurgita does admit that she doesn't like to beat around the bush.

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And the way she communicates with her clients may be a bit blunt sometimes. In her defense, she does work in a world of beauty after all.

It may take some convincing to get a client to agree with her view.

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In the end, it's all about making them look better than before. She treats hair as energy. Sometimes it needs to be tamed, sometimes set free.

Jurgita definitely takes the time to help her clients understand the connection between their outer beauty and their inner self.

And it's all about taking care of oneself that matters the most. Her work definitely shows this connection quite well.

This kind of makeover definitely helps women regain their self-confidence.

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And it's awesome to see there are stylists like Jurgita who strive to do exactly that for her clients. Just see how beautiful this lady looks here. That's quite lovely.

Sometimes a change doesn't necessarily need to be dramatic.

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It could be just a simple haircut that fits the person's face, character, and even their style of clothing. This is a perfect example of that. Simplicity at its best. Right?

In this case, this lady's look needed a refresher.

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Now her hairstyle frames her face much better. And the change of color also suits her quite well. These little things can make a huge difference in someone's overall look indeed.

Here's another great example of easy changes.

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The way this lady's hair looked before was a bit dated. Now she looks like she's ready to tackle whatever she has set out for herself. And I think this looks much better on her.

Curly hair can present a problem for many stylists.

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It's sometimes hard to tame somebody's wild mane. This lady's hair actually needed to be embraced. And after doing so, it looks that much more free and flowing. Don't you think?

Even people who have short hair already can benefit from an adjustment in style.

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This lady's short cut was just okay in my opinion. But now it has been updated and brought into the modern world. I quite like it.

I've always wanted to have long hair. But I do admit it can sometimes weigh your down.

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Especially if you don't have any style. That was the case with this lady's hair. She didn't lose too much length but it looks more polished and refined.

Here's another take on a short hairdo.

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The original one was just plain and perhaps a little boring. What Jurgita did here took this lady to another level. At least that's what I think of when I look at it.

My hair used to be similar to this lady's look. It didn't have much depth on its own.

Now, this lady looks radiant and fresh. And I think it's going to give her much more confidence. What do you think?

I really wish I had a hairstylist as talented and as dedicated to their craft as this lovely lady.

It would make me want to take more chances with my own look. How do these transformations make you feel?

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