Lin-Manuel Miranda Tells Fans What To Expect When 'Hamilton' Comes To Disney+

Alexander Hamilton, we are waiting at Disney+ for you. You cannot drop eff bombs, you really have taken your TIIMMMEEEEEEEEE ohhhhh Alexander Hamilton, the Hamil-heads sing for you. Well they know you had to cancel your theatre premiere, you know you brought the film to Disney+ the world will never be the saaaammmmeee!

I know, right? I'm annoyed by myself, too.

As you may know by now, Lin-Manuel Miranda's BRILLIANT broadway show *Hamilton* will be airing on Disney+ starting on JULY THIRD! SAVE THE DATE! TELL A FRIEND! LAUGH! CRY!

I don't know how you'd say no to this... amirite?

I wish I could say that was the last cheesy Hamilton line but, I said that last time it became a past time.

If you haven't seen the trailer for the film yet it is literally CHILL and TEAR inducing!

If you're like me and had your performance of Hamilton cancelled because of COVID-19, this is truly the blessing we deserve.

Lin-Manuel took to Twitter to tell fans what they will and won't see during the show,.

Twitter | @Lin_Manuel

He reveals that the MPAA (the deciding factor on a movie's rating) has a strict rule about language. More than one use of the F word gives a movie/show an automatic "R" rating, therefore NOT appropriate for Disney+.

Deciding it was no biggie, Lin-Manuel revealed they dubbed over one F bomb in "Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)" and they put a record scratch over the curse when they said "Southern (BLEEPIN') Democratic Republicans!"

Twitter | @Lin_Manuel

I honestly think it's no biggie and I will scream the swearwords myself at home, lol.

I have a countdown until *Hamilton* premieres and lemme tell ya, we're getting CLOSE, FRIENDS!

Are you mad that Lin-Manuel had to remove the F bombs?! Will you scream them to your TV anyway like I will be?! Let us know in the comments below!

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