This Artist Paints Unique Shadows Cast Off Everyday Street Objects

Damon Belanger is a graphic artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was commissioned to paint 20 shadows around downtown Redwood City to liven up the area a bit.

“The shadow art has allowed me to bring out a more whimsical side with my art and allows me to play with shadows. It was surprising when I got notified that they had chose me because I suspected that they had gotten a lot of great portfolios sent in so I wasn’t sure what I was up against.”

He painted the "shadows" cast by ordinary, boring objects around the streets as if they were everything from dogs to robots to monsters.

What a great way to add life to a city or town!


Damon Belanger | Damon Belanger


Damon Belanger | Damon Belanger


Damon Belanger | Damon Belanger


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Damon Belanger | Damon Belanger