10+ Awkward Celebrity Moments Fans Will Never Forget

Even though it might not seem like it, celebrities are just normal people. This means that, just like normal people, they have their fair share of embarrassing and cringe-worthy moments.

Below are 10+ awkward celebrity moments that fans will never forget.

This is intended to humanize, not harm, a way of showing that, underneath it all, our favorite celebs are just like us!

Katy Perry's cringeworthy interview on *The Ellen Show*.

It isn't a good mark of an interviewer to forget significant details of your interviewee's life. But for some reason, Ellen was totally out to lunch on this one.

As if it wasn't bad enough that she completely forgot about Katy's marriage to Russell Brand, but Ellen had even given her a wedding gift - on The Ellen Show!

When Bella Thorne pretended like she couldn't pronounce PewDiePie's name at the Teen Choice Awards.

YouTube | RGBY Video

"Felix, something, something, something, something, you know what? Be here if you want to hear the rest of your name."

Bella's poor attempt at humor definitely missed the mark.

Demi Lovato has a thing for mugs.

YouTube | Clevver News

When asked during an interview about her favorite dish, Demi Lovato replied as literally as she possibly could.

"I like mugs because they're very comfortable in your hand and they hold the hot things that you don't have to touch."

Kim Kardashian's sixth sense.

When Kim was asked if she had a hidden talent, her reply was, "I can smell when someone has a cavity. It's a very specific smell—not a bad-breath smell—but something that is really strong."

Clearly Kim missed her calling as a dental hygienist.

Ariana Grande introduces The Weeknd at the Grammy Awards.


Ariana began by asking the audience just how The Weeknd was able to rack up so many nominations? She then smartly replied, "Because he EARNED IT."

Nice try, Ari. But sadly, most didn't get it.

Kendall Jenner is the worst reader.

YouTube | Hollywood Life

Kendall Jenner was clearly a bit nervous when the time came for her time to introduce the band Five Seconds of Summer.

She completely lost her place on the teleprompter and ended up stumbling over her own words. Kendall even made a desperate attempt to duck out of the frame.

Kanye West explains that he is a god.

Kanye could have a list all to himself. But even then it still wouldn't be enough to properly encapsulate all of the outlandish things he's said over his career.

Trying to explain why you think you are a god with a straight face? Only Kanye could do that.

Geography isn't Justin Bieber's friend.

YouTube | humanitarkamkd

Justin is an indictment that the public school system in Ontario is failing. When asked by David Letterman how many continents there are on earth, Justin began naming them.

Sorry, Justin, but the North Pole is definitely not a continent.

When James Corden got caught lying to Demi Moore.

YouTube | The Late Late Show with James Corden

The game begins with Demi reminding James of how much he said he enjoyed her memoir. She then asks him to name his favorite chapter.

He stutters and stumbles before finally admitting that he hadn't actually read the book at all!

Rami Malek falling off the stage at the Oscar Awards.

What better way to cap off your Oscar win for Best Actor than to do a swan dive off of the stage in front of all your peers and colleagues?

Rami isn't the only star who's tumbled at the Oscars, either.

YouTube | Oscars

While she was accepting her award for Best Actress, Jennifer Lawrence fell flat on her face as she was walking up the stairs.

Clearly the Oscars are slippery in more ways than one!

Leonardo DiCaprio gives Lady Gaga the evil eye.

While walking up to the stage to accept her Golden Globe, you can see Lady Gaga bump into Leo who's sitting down at his table in conversation.

He's clearly surprised to see her, as is made clear by the revolted reaction to her touch.

Jerry Seinfeld has no idea who Kesha is.

YouTube | WTOP News

Kesha is supposedly a Seinfeld super fan! So when she saw the opportunity to meet her idol, she took it.

Sadly, Jerry Seinfeld is a bit of a [expletive]. He refuses her request for a hug three times before admitting that he actually has no idea who Kesha is.

Madonna making out with Drake while on stage at Coachella.

YouTube | Madonna Brasil

Madonna has a long history of seriously awkward makeout sessions. But unquestionably the most egregious of these encounters took place while she and Drake were on stage with one another.

She locks lips with Drizzy for what feels like an eternity.

Lisa Bonet shuts down Ashley Graham.

YouTube | Hot Videos

During a red carpet interview at the Oscars, Ashley asked Jason to perform Haka. The Haka is a traditional Hawaiian dance.

Many people, including Lisa, felt that it was insensitive for Graham to try and put Momoa, who is of Hawaiian descent, on the spot.

Iggy Azalea is told she is trash.

Honestly, this is definitely an awkward celeb moment I'm sure literally NO ONE will forget, it's so rude!

No one should be calling celebrities to tell them things like that! If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!

Nancy Kerrigan's *SNL* monologue.

Unfortunately, while she truly tried to put her heart and soul into this opening monologue, it was met with the sound of...nothing.

Personally, if I were in the audience I'd at least fake laughter. That has to be better than this!

Rita Ora trying to pull a prank.

On The Voice of Germany, Ora was pretending to be a contestant, but literally everyone is just confused.

Better luck next time, Rita. You'll have to come up with something a lot more clever.

Jennifer Lawrence spilled mints all over herself in the middle of a press conference.

Miss Lawrence is quite literally the queen of awkward, and hey, she owns up to that and knows we love her for it.

So she kept that awkward crown when she spilled mints all over herself, and her expression totally gave her away.

Steve Harvey announces the wrong *Miss Universe*.

Did fans even talk about anything else in 2015? I'm pretty sure this became the meme of the year.

It was truly mind blowing, and the shock of the contestants and the audience is extremely memorable.

Kate Middleton dancing at a charity event.

Don't get me wrong, we LOVE Kate Middleton. But even royalty falls victim to some occasional awkward moments.

As much as we love her, watching her dance in this video was...something to watch.

Whoopi Goldberg lets one fly on *The View* back in 2014.

That's right. She farted. Best of all, she didn't even bother trying to hide it!

After she let it rip, she said, "I feel so much better now!" At least we can appreciate her bluntness.

Taraji P. Henson thought Coldplay was Maroon 5.

Instagram | @tarajiphenson

Thankfully, no one in the comments section is trying to rip her to shreds because, let's be honest, that could have gone either way.

It was truly a hilarious moment in the celebrity awkward hall of fame.