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10+ Celebs Who Got Very Real On Social Media

Occasionally, social media takes a break from being a breeding ground for negativity. Every once and awhile, the trolls take a back seat so that our society can address pressing issues.

These 10+ celebs have done exactly that by choosing to get real on social media. Hopefully, their example will serve as inspiration for us all to start having more relevant, important conversations with one another.

Paulina Porizkov.

Paulina has been extremely open and honest when it comes to sharing her emotions on social media. She's living proof of the inherent strength and power that comes from allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

Plus, who doesn't need a good cry every now and again?

Jonathan Van Ness.

Jonathan is a beacon of body positivity and self-worth. In a recent post to Instagram, Jonathan shared:

"What would happen if you let yourself like what you saw in the mirror? Hotel bathroom, my bathroom, cute hair, crazy hair, just know you are stunning."

Sam Smith.

"Feels so good to have my top off on holiday. Spent all my life hiding my body from the sun. The last year my skin has been soaking in that LIGHT. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from feeling that kiss from above you beautiful humans." he wrote in a sweet post.

Tyra Banks.

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After posting a very rare candid selfie of herself, the former supermodel had this to say:

"I see strength and beauty. I see patience and perseverance. I see struggle and I see triumph. I see YOU, and YOU are beyond amazing - inside AND out."

Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey's battle with depression has been public and well-documented. It's touching to know that he served as an inspiration for others, including Ariana Grande.

This just proves the point that there is power in sharing our experiences with one another.

Ashley Graham.

Instagram | @ashleygraham

"Throughout my pregnancy so far I’ve gained 50lbs. And the best part is, I don’t care! I have never felt better, and I am so thankful that my body and son have allowed me to be as mobile and flexible as I have been."

Demi Lovato.

Instagram | @ddlovato

Demi shared a picture of herself, sans makeup, to celebrate natural beauty and body positivity.

"This is what I look like 85%-90% of the time. Proud of my freckles, proud of booty chin and proud of myself for loving and accepting myself the way I am."

Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson is one of a few prominent male celebrities helping to advance the conversation around mental illness. This was a subject that men in Hollywood abstained from for years, many to their own detriment.

It's refreshing to see The Rock helping to redefine the paradigm.


Instagram | @iiswhoiis

About a year ago, Kesha posted this naturally beautiful photo of herself with the caption:

"this year my resolution is to love myself... just as I am, all [expletive] up and imperfect and whatever else. And to let my freckles liiiiiiiive."

Lena Dunham.

Instagram | @lenadunham

Lena posted this picture before she had her hysterectomy.

"My uterus wasn’t gone yet- in fact, it was torturing me every chance it got- but I was already grieving. That grief was all consuming and it continues, but it also transforms."

Cara Delevingne.

Cara spoke candidly about her struggles with depression and how her choice of career had a direct impact on her emotional state.

Cara claims that she began modeling during a particularly strong period of self-loathing.

Josh Gad.

Josh Gad is a shining example for men everywhere. The hilarious comedian showed a seldom-seen vulnerable side and let it all out for the world to see.

Hopefully, this will inspire other male celebs to do the same.

Winnie Harlow.

"Don’t be ashamed of what makes you different. My skin changes all the time, I relearn how to do my makeup all the time based on what suits it in that time. Skin is just skin. We shouldn’t judge based on it, condition or race."

Sarah Hyland.

Instagram | @sarahhyland

On World Mental Health Day, Sarah took to Instagram to share an inspiring post with her followers:

"For #WorldMentalHealthDay here are some things we forget about. You are not alone. You are where you you’re meant to be. You are surviving. You are alive. You are."

Chrissy Teigen.

Post-partum depression is extremely common and hardly ever talked about. Chrissy was extremely open and honest about her difficulties after giving birth.

Hopefully, more mothers will see this and understand that they aren't alone and that there is help available.