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Henry Winkler Is In Support Of Dolly Parton Monument Replacing Confederate Statues

As you may have heard, a petition to replace confederate statues in the south with a monument to the best Southern Belle of them all, Dolly Parton!

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There has been a lot of talk recently about replacing statues in the United States that celebrate racist historical figures.

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Tennessee in particular has had a huge push to replace statues of Confederate generals and other statues of similar nature (like the statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a general and a leader of the Ku Klux Klan) with more modern and respectable figures.

A petition to replace these racist statues with a monument to country music QUEEN Dolly Parton has already gained over 16,000 signatures.

“Let's replace the statues of men who sought to tear this country apart with a monument to the woman who has worked her entire life to bring us closer together,” writes the petition's creator Alex Parsons, on the website.


“Dolly Parton has given more to this country and this state than those confederate officers could ever have hoped to take away.”

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There are some very unlikely supporters of this decision, including Senator Ted Cruz.

"Now this seems worthwhile: replace statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest—former delegate to 1860 Democrat National Convention, vicious slave trader & the founder of the KKK—with the great Dolly Parton. A win-win!" Cruz tweeted.

Another high profile supporter is comedian and Hollywood legend, Henry Winkler.

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He tweeted his support earlier this week and I, for one, couldn't agree with him more!


Tennessee politician Jeremy Faison is also on board, because he knows what's UP!

"If we want to preserve history, then let's tell it the right way. Right now there are eight alcoves (in the Capitol). Seven are filled with white men," Jeremy said.

"How about getting a lady in there? My daughter is 16, and I would love for her to come into the Capitol and see a lady up there."

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