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Fans Are Having A Hard Time Believing Cher's Mom, Georgia Holt, Just Turned 94-Years Old

Cher is a timeless icon, duh. Everyone knows that! It's like the one universal truth we as a nation can agree on. BUT, did you know that Cher's mom, Georgia Holt, is arguably more timeless than her daughter?! I know, right?!

Don't believe me? Well, fans across the WORLD have celebrated Georgia's recent 94th birthday and then said to themselves wait, she's 94-years-old?! HOW?!

It's truly hard to believe Cher's mom Georgia just turned 94-years-old! I can't believe it! Fans can't believe it! Mother Nature herself is STUNNED by the news!

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Sorry, let me just say that again— GEORGIA HOLT IS 94-YEARS-OLD! She does not look a day over 60!!

Georgia's youthful glow makes it much easier to understand how Cher has remained virtually timeless at age 74!

Where is the fountain of youth these two are hitting up and where can I find one for myself?!!!!!

I am prepping for botox and I'm 23, so RIDDLE ME THAT!

Georgia's beauty is nothing new, of course. Cher shared this throwback picture of her mom a few years ago and OMG, she literally looks like Marilyn Monroe!

It's clear Georgia is a timeless beauty and is the reason why Cher looks so FABULOUS!

Fans took time to wish Queen G a happy birthday on social media!

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It's clear Mrs. Holt has been a queen and continues to make an impact on Cher's fans and her own legacy every year!

We love their bond! It's clear talent *and* good genes run in the family!

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I mean seriously, the ladies are GLOWING! I would love to know just like one of their beauty secrets!

Can you believe Georgia is 94?! Let us know in the comments below!

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