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Even More Disney Mistakes We All Missed

When I was a kid, going to see a new Disney movie in theaters was basically the equivalent of getting into the hottest new nightclub. Think about it...the theater usher is like the bouncer, your parents are the cab drivers...You probably even used to put on your hottest pair of Velcro strap shoes just so that your friends from school didn't think you were a loser. Needless to say, Disney was life as a kid. And seeing as I've seen pretty much every movie they've released in the past 20 or so years, you can understand how shocked I was to learn about these commonly missed mistakes.


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Some people have pointed out that the personable robot isn't really that great of a trash compactor. In fact, he doesn't really compact anything at all. The movie does its best to work around the fact that he is basically just reshaping the garbage around him.



3. Monsters, Inc.

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So you know how Boo's giggles cause power outages at the beginning of the film? Seeing as she literally giggles throughout the whole movie, shouldn't the city of Monstropolis constantly be suffering from these outages? Apparently the filmmakers have even admitted to this mistake.



5. Pocahontas

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Isn't it funny how Pocahontas is holding hands with Nakoma but their shadows aren't?



7. Toy Story 2

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Isn't it kind of strange that the toys don't have a reflection?



9. The Little Mermaid


Hey, where did that pink jar come from?



11. Finding Nemo

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Check out that magical moving poster in the background!



13. Toy Story again...

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Okay, this one is super easy to miss so don't be mad if you didn't see it. BUT that baby monitor the soldiers are using to communicate with Woody is actually just a speaker.Therefore the soldiers shouldn't be able to speak to Woody through it at all but rather just hear what he has to say.



15. The Lion King

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I bet you never noticed the hidden naked woman in the poster of this family favorite.



17. Aladdin

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I guarantee you didn't realize this as a kid, but there's actually a brothel in this movie. During one of his earlier musical numbers, the main character falls into a building where three women seem to be annoyed by him. Many people believe these women are prostitutes!



19. Lilo And Stitch

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There's something strange going on with those drums...

20. What other Disney mistakes do you know about?! COMMENT and let us know.

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