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'Friends' Fans Are Having A Hard Time Believing Coco Arquette Is Already Celebrating Her 16th Birthday

It's hard to believe Courteney Cox's daughter Coco is celebrating her 16th birthday! She was truly one of the first Hollywood kids with a unique name and will forever be in the history books for it!

However, Coco is growing up and making a name for herself in the world now and her parents Courteney Cox and David Arquette couldn't be more proud!

Ah, the 90s. JK, Coco was born in 2004, lol. MADE YA FEEL OLD, EH?!

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Truly the pinnacle of the early aughts was this Hollywood duo. Of course, the couple split back in 2010 with their divorced finalized in 2013.

Now, the pair are celebrating their daughter's sweet 16 and fans truly cannot believe it!

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"How is she already 16?!" wrote one fan.

"I remember when she was born! Happy birthday Coco! You look just like your father!" wrote another.

Courteney shared her own personal birthday message for her daughter, and it was emotional to say the least.

"Happy sweet 16 cocolo. You're my little quirk of the universe. I love you," she wrote, alongside a video of a young Coco ice skating.


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