Actors From Childhood Shows Who Deserve More Recognition

While you might only remember bits and pieces of your favorite kid shows, there are some aspects that can't easily be shaken.

Things like the scenes that made you laugh and your favorite characters.

These actors may not be lining up to receive Emmys for their performances anytime soon, but they do deserve recognition and praise.

Here it is!

1. Ariana Grande - *Victorious*


Ari has gotten plenty of recognition for her singing, but the same can't be said about her acting.

She started out with musical theatre at a young age before becoming a Nickelodeon star on Victorious and then Sam & Cat.

The star was compelling as the bubbly character Cat.

Some fans even thought that she overshadowed Victoria Justice's character.

While a lot of this had to do with her singing, it was also because Victoria played the irritatingly perfect Tori.

2. Raven Symone - *That's So Raven*

"When my daughter was little, she was crazy about That's So Raven, starring Raven Simone, so by osmosis I had to watch a lot of it. I think she was brilliant." - Redditor NoFanOfTheCold

They continued:

"She was Lucille Ball in the body of a teenager. The show was terrible as you might expect, but her performance was nothing short of stellar."

This is soo true. Raven's crazy antics never failed to make fans laugh.

3. Phill Lewis - *The Suite Life of Zach and Cody*

Who couldn't love Mr. Moseby?!

Phill was able to make a stern character so likable! Someone had to stop Zach and Cody from ruining the Tipton hotel, after all.

He was also so sweet to London since her parents were never around.

4. Steve Burns - *Blues Clues*


"I literally completely stopped watching when Steve left. Note I had been watching past the target age, not religiously, but whenever I saw it on I watched the whole thing, because it was a great show." - Redditor naturalrhapsody

"The show just wasn't Blue's Clues without Steve," they added.

As it turns out, the actor quit because he was balding.

"I knew I wasn't going to be doing children's television all my life, mostly because I refused to lose my hair on a kid's TV show," he said in an interview on the Nick Jr. special.

5. Dylan and Cole Sprouse - *The Suite Life of Zach and Cody*


You'd be hard-pressed to find more talented twin brothers. These guys managed to carry a funny and creative show at such a young age.

While Dylan hasn't acted in a few years, we're happy to see Cody on Netflix's Riverdale.

6. Dove Cameron - *Liv and Maddy*

"There's a newer show called Liv and Maddie that's obviously over the top and ridiculous, but the twins are played by the same person and both of the characters are so distinct that it is hard to tell." - Redditor throwawaybookfinder

"The actress gives them both different quirks, ways of walking, looking, smiling, speaking, laughing, etc."

In a 2009 Wired interview, Dove admitted that it was difficult playing both characters.

"We had three days of rehearsal and two days of filming, and we had to do everything twice, so that was a little crazy."

7. Jerry Trainor - *iCarly*


"Even with a small speaking role, his acting was really well done in my opinion. He reminds me a lot of Jim Carrey. I'm not saying he's as good, but he's certainly very wild, and always has a hyper amount of emotion." - Redditor turcois

8. Sabrina Carpenter - *Girl Meets World*

YouTube | ClevverTV

"I have watched Sabrina grow up from..little Maya Hart on "Girl Meets World" to her first tour, to her finally hitting the big time ..playing on the famous Las Vegas Strip." - Redditor sunrise1957

She even has a music career now!

"God she has evolved into one talented girl. She has come a long ways and is going so much farther," they continued.

One of her upcoming projects includes the movie Clouds, which is about a teenage singer with a rare form of bone cancer.

9. Amanda Bynes - *The Amanda Show*

While she's had a rough couple of years in her personal life, no one can deny that the actress is seriously talented in the comedy department.

She managed to play so many characters in the skits on The Amanda Show.

10. Sterling Knight - *Sonny with a Chance*

"He adds a comedy and conflict that makes the show more entertaining. Is this an unpopular opinion? I've just started rewatching the show for the first time since it originally aired on Disney and I didn't realize how much Sterling Knight brought to the show." - redditor notrealorheresooo

11. Bryan Cranston - *Malcom in the Middle*

"Whether it's comedy like Malcolm in the Middle where he was absolutely hysterical, or drama, which of course I'm going to mention Breaking Bad. I never watched Seinfeld but I've heard people talk fondly about Tim the dentist." - Redditor Soperos

"Everything he does is so believable," they added.


"One of my favorite episodes is when he teaches Malcolm how to roller blade. Still astounds me how he can play a character as nutty as Hal and then take on a character as serious as Walt," another Redditor added.

12. Shia LeBeouf - *Even Stevens*


"The show was and still is hilarious. Great writing, directing and performances. Shia was a laugh riot. He needs to return to doing comedy soon." - redditor Manns15

While we wait for that to happen, he has been doing more serious roles lately.

13. William Daniels - *Boy Meets World*


"BMW struck gold getting William Daniels to play Mr. Feeny. He brought the show up to another level. The show and its fans were incredibly fortunate to have had him. A true legend of TV entertainment." - Redditor MoviePassReviews