10+ Characters Who Deserved Better Endings Than They Got

There are countless TV and movie characters that we loved that should have gotten to have a fairytale ending but were instead, given the opposite.

This list doesn't even cover the half of it, but we will do our best to point out the characters who truly got the worst of it.

But let's take a look back at some of our favorite characters that did not get the ending they deserved.

Coach from *New Girl*.

This was a bizarre situation. Coach was apart of the show in the first episode — seemingly as an indefinite member of the squad.

But then he randomly disappeared without explanation, was replaced by Winston, made a couple of appearances in later seasons, only to disappear again without explanation.

Barney from *How I Met Your Mother*.

Similar to Joey from Friends, I'm mad that Barney didn't get a happy ending, while the rest of his friends were coupled up.

Instead, he becomes a single father? Which just does not seem fair.

Tracy from *How I Met Your Mother*.


Speaking of How I Met Your Mother, how come the mother, herself, Tracy, is only apart of the show for a few episodes in the final season and then they kill her off???

It literally made no sense whatsoever.

Derek from *Grey's Anatomy*.

This one still makes me upset to this day. I don't think I'll ever emotionally recover from Derek Shepherd's untimely death, not only because he was an amazing character, but because it left Meredith a widow and a single mom.

No one deserved this.

Quentin from *One Tree Hill*.


Just as Quentin's character was finally maturing, developing, and becoming likable, they have him murdered off of the show.

He was just a kid. He didn't have to go out like that!

Tara from *True Blood*.


Tara was dealt a really brutal hand in life.

She grew up under toxic family circumstances, and just when things started to turn around for her, she's killed by the very thing she wanted to be — a vampire.

Karen from *Shameless*.


As insufferable as Karen Jackson was, being a teen mom, having a father who had taken his own life, and then being intentionally ran over by a car that left her severely brain-damaged, was very extreme.

Wells Jaha from *The 100*.

TV Fanatic

Okay, they killed off Wells in like, episode four? Even though he was the son of a character that would go on to be a vital member of the cast?

I just didn't understand why they even bothered introducing him to us, letting us get attached to his charm, and then ruthlessly killing him off.

Zach from *Alpha Dog*.


I get re-angry every time I think of this movie.

This innocent 15-year-old boy was killed over a gang dispute that he had nothing to do with.

What's worse is that this movie is based on a true story. Zach deserved better in the movie and in real life.

Catharine from *Animal Kingdom*.

Screen Rant

I really did not see this one coming.

I suppose it's really good writing when you can't see a character ending coming for you, but the reality is: she didn't deserve to go, and the writers should have kept her in.

Peach from *You*.

There have been a lot of characters in You that obviously deserved better. Peach is just the tip of the iceberg.

But Peach deserved better because she was actually catching on to Joe, and wanted to protect her best friend. But instead, she was murdered.

Poussey from *Orange Is the New Black*.

Hollywood Reporter

It has been years since that fateful episode, and I have still not okay.

She was by far a more interesting and more likable character than Piper, and they wrote her off in the most heartbreaking way possible.

While the scene was obviously a nod toward the black lives matter movement, the white guard appeared to be remorseful and sympathetic after the fact which is not very realistic.

Jesse from *Breaking Bad*.

I will never forgive the writers of Breaking Bad for giving Jesse the short end of the stick. I mean, because of Walter, not one but two of Jesse's girlfriends died. Then he got locked in a cage for god knows how long — which I'm sure was traumatizing.

Ultimately, he ended up alone — and as we saw in El Camino — having to flee, adopt a new identity, and start a new life.

Lexie and Mark from *Grey's Anatomy*.

TV Fanatic

This one really goes without saying. But Lexie and Mark were in love, they were supposed to get married, and instead, they die in a plane crash.

I couldn't have thought of a more tragic way for their story to come to an end.

Joey from *Friends*.


Joey was such an important character in Friends, and yet when the show wrapped up and everybody else seemed to get their happy ending except for him.

Rachel and Ross ended up together, Monica and Chandler ended up together, and Phoebe and Mike ended up together. But Joey ends up alone and my heart is forever broken over that.