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Anderson Cooper Opens Up About Why He Chose Surrogacy, Calls It 'An Extraordinary Gift'

Anderson Cooper welcomed his tiny bundle of joy Wyatt back in April, and fans have been obsessed ever since. The CNN news anchor opened up to his followers in a heartfelt Instagram post about his journey to fatherhood via surrogate.

"As a gay kid, I never thought it would be possible to have a child, and I’m grateful for all those who have paved the way, and for the doctors and nurses and everyone involved in my son's birth," he wrote.

Now, the 53-year-old father is opening up in a new interview with *People* magazine about his choice to use a surrogate, and the possibility of having more children in the future.

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He began the interview by remembering his parents and their relationship. Anderson's father was writer Wyatt Emory Cooper and his mother was heiress and fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt.

"I feel like the spark of recognition between my mom and my dad that occurred had these two people who were from completely different walks of life," Cooper told the publication.

"My dad grew up very poor in Mississippi; my mom, obviously, grew up the way she did."

"[So to] have them meet and fall in love and create a family of their own and have this little family of ours ... it made me really sad to think that I'm the only person left from that union [of my parents] and that I'm the only person left who remembers all those stories of my mom, my dad and my brother," Anderson explained.

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Anderson's father died during heart surgery when he was 10, his mother died last year and his older sibling Carter died by suicide in 1988 at age 23.

"I wanted to have a child who came from that and grew up knowing about that. That's why I chose to do it the way I did it."

Anderson reveals he has "always thought about international adoption as well," but states that it has "come to a halt in most places."

And given the public nature of his career, "I just wanted to have as much privacy as possible."

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As for a sibling for Wyatt, the news anchor revealed he "hasn't ruled anything out down the road."

"I need to probably sleep a little bit more and clear my head, but I think it would be great, one day, to have a brother or sister for Wyatt."

"I was incredibly lucky to be able to do this," he continued.

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"[The surrogate] is an amazing person; her husband, too, is incredible. That she is willing to do this, to enable families who can't have a child to be able to have a child, is an extraordinary gift."

We're so happy for Anderson and his sweet little family.

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