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16+ Hilarious Tweets From Women That Gave Us A Serious Case Of The Giggles

Oh hey there, it's me again, back with some more hilarious tweets from women that are sure to put you in a significantly better mood than the one you were in when you first clicked this headline.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I believe that reading the funniest tweets the ladies of Twitter have to offer is the absolute best way to turn any frown upside down. Trust me guys, I've been doing this for a while, and it's always the highlight of my week.

So grab a seat and maybe even a drink or two, and get ready to chuckle your worries away because I've found some pretty hilarious tweets I think you're going to love.

They've evolved and now they're even worse than before.

I'm not sure how I would react to a guy actually having the audacity to ask me to take my mask off right now, even if they're just trying to be funny.

Like, you understand there's a global pandemic going on, right? Is it really the time?

Betcha didn't say this.

No, in fact I did not see myself working from my couch in my pajamas while solely surviving off coffee and pizza pockets and dreaming of the day I'm allowed to go to the mall again.

Can't recall.

If you think this is an overreaction then clearly you've never had a really, really good donut before.

It's an experience, for sure.

That's life, I guess.

This is the sort of mindset that makes dating so weird. Like, we're either going to stay together forever or we're going to break up one day, though we have no idea when that day will be.

So... you wanna grab a cup of coffee or what?

If no one else, Kevin understands our pain.

Everything about this scene is just so spot-on.

Leading up to this tragic moment, Kevin is going on about how much time and effort he put into crafting the perfect batch of homemade chili. And as he's eagerly anticipating enjoying that chili with his friends, 2020 happens and suddenly everything sucks.

That's me, the charity-case in the middle there.

Sometimes I actually look like I'm at some sort of celebrity meet-and-greet and it's actually my mom behind the camera taking a photo of me and my "new friends".

Well done you guys.

I'll be honest, I really didn't see 2020 turning out this way. But then again, none of us did and this year has just been one big question mark after another.

So nothing really surprises me anymore.

Too soon, babes, too soon.

America, girl, listen to me. I know you wanna put on that cute pair of underwear. Believe me, I know. But you gotta realize it's not time yet.

You don't wanna ruin them, right?

Clearly he doesn't understand his role yet.

When I rant to my boyfriend, he likes to play devil's advocate and take the side of whatever person I happen to be talking about which just might be the most infuriating thing I've ever had to deal with in our relationship.

Take *that*, depression!

This has the same energy as whenever I manage to fold the laundry after doing a load. Sure, the laundry sat in a basket for three days before I actually got around to it. But I still did it.

Who's depressed now??


The thing I miss most about going to the movies is that moment before the movie starts, and after every preview for upcoming movies you and the person you're with suddenly become film critics and discuss whether that one is worth seeing or not.

Thank goodness.

I'm glad that we've all accepted our summers are pretty much going to go the exact same way, so there's really no point in bumming anyone out with this terrible question.

Odds are it's going about as well as yours is, Brenda, thanks for asking.

Why do I do this?

I also like to turn the radio down when I'm reversing my car and I still don't know why but you can bet I'm just going to keep doing it.

It's a slippyer slope, for sure.

Whenever I swear off one food group, I suddenly become inexplicably obsessed with another.

Not eating bread anymore? Okay, well now I'm going to become obsessed with cheese. Hey, you know what goes really well with cheese? Bread.

Pay attention to me!

You gotta be sneaky about it, though. You can't let him catch you looking or else he'll think the fight is over and he's won and you don't want that.

Fa-la-la-la let's get out of here.

Look, I know it's not even close to being Christmas, but I'm pretty sure this tweet can apply to all of us, right now, even in the off-season.

Quarantining with your family? Yeah, I bet you got over that real quick.

This also applies to the dryer.

My favorite hobby is putting wet clothes in the dryer, closing the door, and then walking away without hitting "start" so all my stuff can sit in there for hours and get a real nice mildew smell.

Who knew?

I also think I really love shoveling popcorn in my mouth like it's the last meal I'm ever going to eat because there's just something about having a giant bag of fresh popcorn in your lap that makes us all turn into absolute animals.

Point = proven.

I think we've all reached the point in 2020 where we aren't really judging each other for drinking too early or too much or too often. We're all just dealing with this nonsense the best way we can.

(But also, please drink responsibly.)

Nice try.

The other day, a delivery driver tried to get away with ringing my door bell and waiting for a full two seconds before hurrying back to his van with my package.

My boyfriend said he's never seen me run outside so fast before but he doesn't understand, I need my Amazon deliveries to survive!