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Fans Are Dragging The Royal Family For Photoshop Fail In New Instagram Pic

We all love a good celebrity photoshop fail, although usually they come at the hands (or feet) of influencers, reality show contestants, or the Kardashians. It's pretty rare to see fans start tweeting about a photoshop fail from the royal family, especially when it comes to the queen herself.

That's exactly what happened after a recent Instagram post starring the queen and Prince Philip.

When it comes to celebrities and influencers, Photoshop fails are far from uncommon.

The Kardashians, for example, are high on the list as Photoshop fail offenders.

One of Kim's Photoshop efforts was so bad, fans actually thought that her daughter, North, did it.

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People barely recognized Kim's face, and they weren't afraid to call her out for it.

Even Beyoncé herself has been called out for poor use of Photoshop.

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You don't need a microscope to see that her right leg is looking a little wonky.

Some are a little harder to catch than others.

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But if you take a look at the carpet around Miranda Kerr's legs, you'll see that it's curving inwards.

And I'm no carpet expert, but I don't think it's supposed to do that.

Anyway, as most of you know by now, Prince Philip just turned 99.

And as usual, the Royal Family celebrated with a photo op and a sweet message to the prince.

This picture in question was posted on the royal family's Instagram account

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"This new photograph of The Duke of Edinburgh and The Queen was taken last week in the quadrangle at Windsor Castle to mark His Royal Highness’s 99th birthday," the photo was captioned.

But some people were more interested in an alleged Photoshop mistake than Philip's birthday.

Most noticably, the area around the Queen's hands.

Fans were quick to take to social media to point out that the queen's hands seemed to have a very rough border around them, like they'd been pasted onto the rest of the picture.

Some fans questioned the legitimacy of the entire photo.

The queen and Prince Philip do seem to stand out quite starkly against the background, although it isn't as immediately noticeable as the edges around Her Majesty's hands.

"Looks like a photoshop job to me! Wrong?" one fan tweeted.

Fans were surprised that the royal family would share a photoshopped photo.

"The photoshop on this is horrific, not being funny it’s the queen surely they could have got someone to do a better job than that," one fan tweeted.

What do you think? Unfortunate lighting, or photoshop fail?

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