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Kim Kardashian's Kids Are Missing Body Parts In Photoshop Fail

Much like the Kardashians never fail to come up with something new to sell us, they never fail at providing the world with glorious photoshop fails.

It's a skill, really. And this latest one even involves Kim Kardashians's kids!

The Kardashian-Jenner fam is no stranger to photoshop fails.

Throughout the years, some of these edits have become too drastic to ignore.

Like when Kris Jenner needed to be held accountable for editing the crap out of this pic of her and Gordon Ramsay.

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To make things worse, Gordon posted the actual image...


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Oh, Kris.


Or when Khloé's body-to-head ratio in this pic looked beyond unnatural:

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People were quick to say that the size of her head didn't match her body.

They even compared her to a bobblehead!

When things got really out of hand, the reality star disabled the comments on her post.

And now, we bring you the best photoshop fail of 2019, courtesy of Kim Kardashian and her fam:

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For Halloween, the family dressed up as different characters from The Flinstones.

Kim is Betty Rubble, North is Wilma, Saint is Fred, Psalm is Bamm-Bamm, Kanye is Dino, and Chicago...well, Chicago is something else entirely.

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Thanks to the photoshop fail that fails on the most epic of proportions, Chicago's costume ended up being sort of like half Pebbles, half floating body with dismembered feet.

And while Kim was upfront about Chi being photoshopped into the pic, our issue isn't with that.

Our issue is with the fact that she actually thanked the photographer for adding Chicago in WHEN HER FEET ARE MISSING.

"So shout out to the photographer for editing her in & making our family Flintstones dreams come true!" Kim wrote.

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Um.... I'm sorry, Chi's feet? WHERE ARE THEY?!

Thankfully, we're not the only one's confused by the whole thing.

The comments were POPPIN' OFF.

People are NOT letting this one slide, Kimmy.

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"Chicago's foot. Surely they could have done better lol," wrote another fan.

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This whole thing reminds us of when this family hired a photographer to do their family photos and eight months later, they got back this:

Facebook | Lesa Hall


Shout-out to Lesa!

One more for comedic sake:

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Perfection, just perfection.

Of course, North and Saint were being such great older siblings and totally working the camera!

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Yabba Dabba Doo!

Honestly *such* photogenic ladies!

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Kim as Betty is such a mood, she looks ah-mazing tbh.

Also, we just need to take a sec to talk about the fact that KAYNE IS IN THE DINO SUIT.

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This is not a drill!

As Kim wrote in the caption: "Chicago was so scared of Dino! We tried to explain and show that it was just daddy but she didn't get the concept yet."

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So, yes, Kayne, arguably one of the most ingenius minds out there, was just chillin' the whole time in a Dino suit.

It doesn't get more hilarious than that, peepz.

This calls for another shout-out.

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This time to Kim and her fam for giving us something to laugh at cherish forever.

Never. Forget.