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Village Weavers Are Bright Yellow Birds Who Build Woven Hanging Nests

I love putting out bird seed and nesting materials in the spring. Bits of leftover wool from projects, dog fur trimmings, etc. It's just so nice to watch the feathered creatures come over and pick out the best pieces for their tiny construction projects.

Some just come and grab whatever they land on first, while others are picky. They carefully poke at bits of string and fur until they find the perfect bit.

I'm willing to bet that the Village Weaver is one of those very particular birds.

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Found natively in sub-Saharan Africa, these bright yellow birds are also called Black-headed weavers or Spotted-back weavers.

They can also be found on islands in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, as invasive species, and there have been pockets of them appearing in other areas of the world due to the pet trade.

They get their name from their very special nesting habits.

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Each breeding season, male weavers collect leaves and grasses to weave the perfect little hanging nests. Each male will build 3-5 nests, all grouped together. Once their little village of homes is built, they show them off to the ladies.

If a female is interested, the male will open up a hole in the nest for her to enter.

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The mama bird will bring in fluff and grasses to make the inside comfy, then lay 2-5 eggs. Meanwhile, the male will woo other potential moms to the other nests.

When the eggs hatch, both parents work to feed the babies.

Since these birds live in large colonies and males build multiple nests, breeding season really does become a village.

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Just imagine a whole park full of these cute little nests and all the parents and babies chirping about. It would be so lovely.

Each nest is built to be used only once and several broods may be raised per breeding season. So they have a lot of practice with weaving their perfect little nests.

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