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Woman Stunned When Adorable Fox Comes To Snuggle Up On Her Picnic Blanket

A new mom from Scotland was recently treated to an unbelievably magical experience when a wild fox took an interest in her picnic blanket and even went so far as to snuggle up for a quick spell, the Daily Record reported.

Jessika Toward, 22, was sitting outside eating her lunch and enjoying the warm summer weather when she was suddenly joined by the curious creature who apparently couldn't resist investigating the situation.

When the fox first wandered towards her picnic blanket, Jessika thought it was a wild dog.

Facebook | Jessika Toward

Once she realized it was actually a fox, she pulled out her phone to record it, never expecting it would actually get close enough to touch her blanket, let alone lie on it.

In a video shared to her Facebook, Jessika reacts with understandable shock as the fox approaches her spot in the grass.

Of course, being the mischievous little creature it is, the fox couldn't just *look* at Jessika's picnic setup.

Facebook | Jessika Toward

"Nice foxy," she can be heard saying warily as the animal sniffs every item surrounding her blanket, including her abandoned shoes.

At one point, it even snatches up the plastic to-go container which had previously held her lunch, to which Jessika replies, "Okay, take the sandwich. There's nothing in there."

Dissatisfied with the empty carton, the fox wanders back over to Jessika's blanket, and this time it's not looking for food.

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Instead, it plops itself down onto the plush throw, and even rolls around a little bit, clearly satisfied with this new snuggle spot it's found.

"Oh my God," Jessika remarks as she watches the fox writhe on her blanket, coming quite close to where she herself is seated. "Oh my God!"

Eventually, the fox leaps to its feet and disappears, much to a stunned Jessika's relief.

Facebook | Jessika Toward

"Bye fox," she says, zooming the camera on the animal as it crosses a road and heads back into the woods where it more than likely originally came from.

After the fact, Jessika told the Daily Record that sharing her picnic blanket with a wild fox "was an amazing experience."

She also shared that the fox had approached her just one day after she prematurely gave birth to her daughter, Freyja.

Facebook | Jessika Toward

On that particular sunny afternoon, Jessika had decided to enjoy a picnic on the grass outside Aberdeen Maternity Hospital where her baby girl is currently being cared for by the neonatal team.

According to a Facebook post from the new mom, Freyja was born at just 25 weeks, weighing 1 pound 10 ounces. In a recent update she revealed the little girl has officially doubled her birth weight, making Jessika "one proud mamma."

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