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Forget Grumpy, The Newest Viral Cat Is Just Plain Pissed Off

Since the untimely passing of Tardar Sauce, the feline lovingly dubbed "Grumpy Cat" by the internet, people have become obsessed with finding the "new Grumpy Cat."

Personally, I think that's a bit silly since, though Tardar Sauce may be gone, the memes live on. We don't need to replace her and new arrivals to the viral cat scene deserve to be appreciated on their own merits.

Plus, Grumpy Cat wasn't created by a bunch of outlets giving her the name.

Instagram | @grumpy_kitzia

She became what she was through the wonderful decentralized hive-mind of the internet and meme culture.

Me pointing to this cat named Kitzia and saying "This should be the new Grumpy Cat" is pretty much the opposite of the organic magic of the internet.

Plus, Kitzia's face isn't even that "grumpy." Her expression is far more extreme than that.

Instagram | @grumpy_kitzia

If Tardar Sauce was me rolling out of bed on a Monday and wanting nothing to do with the world, Kitzia is me being forced out of bed on a Sunday morning by the sound of a burglar breaking in and stealing only my coffee.

Kitzia lives in Florida with her human, Viktoriia Otdielnova.

Due to her short snout, wide eyes, and forehead markings, Kitzia's expression always sits somewhere between unimpressed and "if looks could kill."

Since the effect increases the more she closes her eyes, she looks particularly miffed during cuddle sessions.

"I'd like to speak to the manager about this inferior meal."

Instagram | @grumpy_kitzia

But though her face is angry, she purrs with plenty of affection.

If you'd like to follow Kitzia online, you can join her more than 50,000 followers on Instagram @grumpy_kitzia.

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