Hairdresser Helps Women Embrace Their Gray Hairs Instead Of Covering Them Up

As women get older, their hair starts to turn gray. Some women go gray much earlier than others, but eventually, we all get those silver strands before we know it. Typically, many women cover up their grays with dyes and colors. Especially women who aren't at that "gray hair age" just yet.

As any woman knows, dying your hair takes a lot of work.

If you're someone who does it at home, it's not that easy to constantly box-dye your hair. And, if you're someone who goes to the salon, the cost definitely adds up.

Many women are now deciding to "embrace" their gray hair, so they can avoid having to constantly color it.

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What it means to embrace your gray hair can take a lot of different forms. But, many women are looking to find a way where their gray roots can grow out without looking awkward.

Luckily, hairstylist Jack Martin is here doing the work and helping women embrace their gray roots.

Martin is a talented hairstylist who is helping women go completely gray so that when their roots grow in, it's definitely not noticeable or "a hair dye emergency."

Martin told *Allure* magazine that it saves these women both time and money.

He said:

"My clients with natural gray hair come two or three times a year, instead of every few weeks." That's definitely saving everyone time AND money.

But, getting these gray locks isn't easy.

Martin says that the sessions are usually one 10-hour-long appointment to get their hair to that silver/gray look. How does he do it? Well, there's a formula to it.

Martin first starts by stripping their hair of dye and other colors.

Those dark box-dye colors can be extremely hard to dye over. And, when you're trying to go lighter, it can be impossible to get your hair to the perfect color if there are darker browns and blacks in there.

Then, Martin bleaches the stripped hair.

He keeps their natural grays intact, but he bleaches the hair that they had previously been dyeing. By doing this, it allows for the hair to pick up any color he chooses.

The reason that Martin's transformations are going so viral is because he does something quite special.

Not only does he turn his client's hair gray, but he matches the dye he's using on their natural root color. That way, when they grow out, it looks as though the gray is all one color!

Sometimes, it looks rather silvery and light.

But, not everyone's gray hair is the same. Some people have a white-ish color, others have that darker, salt and pepper look. Martin says that it depends on each client.

Martin also says that there are specific tips to follow after dyeing your hair silver.

First, he says that you shouldn't wash your hair for one week after getting it dyed. This way, your hair can recover and revive any essential oils lost.

The shampoo you use is also very important.

Martin says to use color-safe, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Focus the shampoo on your roots and scalp, and the conditioner on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.

Using a mask is also important for making sure hair doesn't dry out.

Getting a deep conditioning mask will ensure that your hair is not dry and brittle. Also, Martin says lukewarm water is the best to wash hair — never use hot water.

Additionally, limiting heat exposure will keep hair healthy.

And, when you are going to use heat, always use a heat protectant before you do. Martin also suggests getting purple or silver-tone shampoo to brighten hair and maintain its shine. Also, get an at-home toner, or visit a salon every 10-12 weeks to tone the hair (so it's not brash and yellow).

The heat setting is also super important.

Martin says:

"Use a low heat setting when you do heat-style your hair. Use a heat setting between 300 °F (149 °C) and 350 °F (177 °C), or between 250 °F (121 °C) and 270 °F (132 °C) if your hair is especially fine."

Martin adds that limiting the times you wash your hair per week is key.

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The hair stylist says you should only wash your hair once or twice a week — at most. This way the oils can rebuild in your hair naturally and you don't have more damage added.

If you plan on swimming, act first.

"If you swim, make sure you wet your hair and apply moisturizer cream before you go in the pool or the ocean, when hair is wet it doesn’t absorb any more water vs when it’s dry," he said.

Keeping hair healthy isn't always easy.

When it comes to keeping color fresh and vibrant, sometimes you do have to put more work into it. Maintaining that salon look takes time and effort. It's important to remember to keep it up.

Purple shampoos are the secret.

When it comes to having icy and gray hair, using purple shampoos can keep brassy colors out. They sell a lot of purple shampoos in drug stores and on Amazon, too.

The more you take care of your hair, the better it'll look.

Using protective products and chemical-free shampoos are the ticket to maintaining that perfect look. Also, make sure to style it only when necessary so it can stay healthy and chic.

It's clear to see why these hair sessions take so long and require so much care.

Martin really takes his time to make sure that each look is perfect and is just what the client wants. That way, they can leave happy and satisfied with their brand-new look.

h/t: Allure