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Nickelodeon Went Off Air For 8 Minutes And 46 Seconds In Honor Of George Floyd

Children's television network Nickelodeon is receiving ample amounts of praise online after cutting out their programming for 8 minutes and 46 seconds on Monday night in solidarity with the protests in honor of Black Lives Matter and George Floyd.

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While many companies are coming under fire for not properly addressing the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests across the world, other companies are leading the way with great examples of solidarity.

Children's broadcasting network Nickelodeon is leading the way in education and allyship.

On Monday, the network announced they would be going off air for 8 minutes and 46 seconds "in support of jusice, equality, and human rights."

They then posted their declaration of kids' rights, which includes "the right to be seen, heard and respected as a citizen of the world."

It seems Nickelodeon has been walking the walk AND talking the talk for a long time now.

Their declaration of kids' rights has been around since the '90s! While the declaration has been tweaked a bit since then, the message of justice of all people hasn't!

In the place of the network's usual scheduled programming, Nickelodeon aired breathing sounds and a black backdrop with the words "I can't breathe."

The 8 minutes and 46 seconds symbolized the length of time officer Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyd's neck as he repeatedly stated he couldn't breathe.

Some people felt it was inappropriate to share this message on a children's network.

Nickelodeon handled the backlash with class and grace, explaining that racism affects millions of children who don't have the luxury of simply ignoring it.

Thankfully, most people understood kids are *never* too young to learn about racism.

"I’m so happy nickelodeon did this! And i’m sorry but how are white ppl mad at this, it is showing respect and spreading the awareness of a real life serious issue," wrote one fan.

It's safe to say Nickelodeon made a great decision in an effort to raise awareness about the Black Lives Matter movement, and more networks should follow in their footsteps!

To learn more about Black Lives Matter, please click here.

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