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10+ Celebrity Men Who Are Ageing Like Fine Wine

Hollywood is full of beautiful men, that much is for sure. This includes the younger studs to the silver foxes to everything in between.

While it can sometimes feel unfair that men tend to age better than women, we can't help but look (and swoon) over them.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here are 10+ celebrity men who are totally aging like fine wine.

Brad Pitt

Many men have tried and failed over the years to emulate the actor's good looks.

You just can't replicate the greatness that is Brad Pitt with his long hair, smoldering stare, and dazzling good looks for being 56! He's an icon.

Will Smith

Instagram | @willsmith

Jada Pinkett Smith sure chose well. Her hubby is one of those rare stars that hasn't aged a day in 20 years!

This is even after raising three kids. Suffice to say, this Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is always looking mighty fresh.

Ryan Gosling

There's a reason Ryan became the subject of the thirsty "Hey, Girl" memes: He's gorgeous!

While he was cute in his twenties, he's only grown more handsome over time. This is especially the case when he's rocking a beard.

Bradley Cooper

Those deep blue eyes will always get us.

He recently had a child with his ex, Irina Shayk, but given how the 45-year-old dreamboat is looking these days, we want to call him "Daddy" for another reason...

Paul Rudd

This man must be a vampire because he does not age! Clearly he missed the memo about getting older.

He's still as fresh-faced as he was when we were first introduced to the actor as Josh on Clueless and as Mike on Friends.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Since the actor started out in Hollywood as a youngin' we've had the privilege of watching the actor grow up.

This means that we've gotten to see him go from major cutie to total Hollywood stud. Keep it up, Leo.

Chris Hemsworth

Instagram | @chrishemsworth

Whether he's Thor or just himself, this guy is an everyday superhero.

There also must be something in the Australian water since this guy has never looked better at 36. He's still as dreamy and fit as ever.

Keanu Reeves

Like many of the men on this list, Keanu must have missed the memo where he was meant to actually get older. He's 55, but let's be real: he doesn't look a day over 30.

Plus, his adorable personality makes him that much more attractive in our eyes.

George Clooney

For decades, he's been the epitome of a man who's aging like a fine wine. And, if we had to guess, he'd be one of the most expensive bottles.

We'll take those warm brown eyes, salt-and-pepper hair, and dazzling smile from him at any age.

Idris Elba

Instagram | @idriselba

No wonder Kelly and Angela fought over the actor on The Office: he is one fine specimen.

Like George Clooney, he makes salt-and-pepper hair look so damn good. We're definitely jealous of his wife! He looks so incredible suave.

Javier Bardem

It's a good thing he ditched his haircut from No Country for Old Men, since we love seeing the 51-year-old looking clean-cut and gorgeous.

With those good looks, it's no wonder he landed such a beauty like Penélope Cruz!

Viggo Mortensen

If you watched Lord of the Rings growing up, there was a very good chance that you had a huge crush on the actor.

How could you not? He possessed insane bravery and rugged good looks. Thankfully, none of that has changed over the years.

Denzel Washington

Get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor: Denzel Washington is 65 years old! I know, it's hard to believe.

He has definitely aged well, as he doesn't look a day over 50. Yup, he's just as dreamy as he's ever been.

Tom Cruise

Regardless of how you feel about him, you can't deny that this actor looks hella good for his age.

He even still performs a lot of his own stunts for the movies he's in, proving once and for all that age truly doesn't matter.

Lenny Kravitz

Instagram | @lennykravitz

Take one look at Zoë Kravitz and you'll see just how well Lenny is aging.

They seriously look like they could be brother and sister, not father and daughter! Lenny's got a swagger that doesn't fade with age.

Hugh Jackman

Instagram | @thehughjackman

Talk about being 51 years young!

He may be a bit too old now to play the Wolverine, but you can't deny that he looks amazing.

We also love the fact that he's been married to his wife for 23 years despite their 14-year age gap (she's 64).

Antonio Banderas

Instagram | @antoniobanderasoficial

Ay ay ay, it's definitely gotten hot in here.

This Spanish actor may be 59, but there's really no way of telling since he still looks super young. He's even still acting these days in several films.

John Stamos

Instagram | @johnstamos

He'll always be Uncle Jesse to us, and don't get me wrong, he was gorgeous even then.

Even when he appeared on the Netflix reboot of Fuller House, it was like no time had gone by at all. He was still as swoon-worthy as ever.

Henry Cavill

Instagram | @henrycavill

There's a reason the actor was cast as Superman: he's just that good looking.

Whether he's clean-shaven or rocking a beard, the actor always looks good. And don't even get us started on that chiseled jaw or those blue eyes.