Literally Just A Ton Of Posts About Keanu Reeves To Make 2020 A Little More Bearable

With stress at a peak from all the craziness that's transpired in2020, there's only one solution:

Keanu Reeves.

Here are literally just a ton of posts about him to make life a little more bearable.

When he proved how respectful he is of women:

Keanu is the king of the hover hand in photos.

Sure, it looks a little awkward, but as long as Keanu gets to continue respecting women's boundaries, he doesn't care.

When he explained all the reasons why he loves Winona Ryder.

He's a true ryde-or-die.

When he was just Keanu, doing things:

There's not much else to say about this, except: you're welcome.

When he looked surprised to be called the "internet's boyfriend":

He's so humble! On some level, he has to know that the world is obsessed with him.

And yet, he called the obsession "wacky."

When he was the hero to these stranded bus passengers:

After the plane he was on made an emergency landing, Keanu rode a bus with fellow passengers.

But instead of letting people feel sad, he read facts about Bakersfield and played “Bakersfield Sound” music for everyone.

When he looked, well, like this:

We already know he's immortal since he doesn't age, so what else is new?

When he stepped out with his new girlfriend:

Fans just want Keanu to be happy, so when he made his red carpet debut with girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, they just couldn't hold back the excitement.

When he got to play with puppies:

There have been so many videos of celebrities playing with puppies, but nothing is greater than this.


When he gave up his seat for someone on the subway:

Despite being worth millions of dollars, Keanu has been riding the subway for years.

It's just another way he's super down-to-earth and relatable.

When he quickly returned the compliment after a fan called him "breathtaking."

Most celebs would have laughed and said "thank you," but Keanu wouldn't be Keanu if he didn't respond like this.

When a fan let the world know about this adorableness:

This is just too precious.

When he admitted to having a crush on Sandra Bullock:

If Alexandra doesn't work out, fans are soo down to have these Speed co-stars become more than friends.

When he expressed just how much he loves movies:

Yep, he definitely went into the right career.

The John Wick movies are everything!

When he waited 20 minutes in the rain to get into his own party:

“Keanu was really patiently waiting,” a driver told Page Six.

“I don’t think he said anything to the bouncer, like, ‘I’m Keanu.’ No one recognized him.”

When the head of Marvel gave exciting news about him one day joining the MCU:

“We talk to him for almost EVERY film we make,” Kevin Feige said.

“We talk to Keanu Reeves about. I don’t know when, if, or ever he’ll join the MCU, but we very much want to figure out the right way to do it.”