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Grimes Is Selling A Piece Of Her Actual Soul For Art

We've all got to do what we've got to do to earn money, and there are some side hustles that are actually pretty profitable. You can sell art, you can sell crafts, you can sell essential oils, and apparently, if you're a celebrity, you can get a pretty good chunk of cash just by selling your soul!

Musician Grimes is, admittedly, a bit weird.

Instagram | @grimes

When Elon Musk announced that they had named their child "X Æ A-12" fans were extremely confused, and then when she announced that she had changed it to "X Æ A-Xii" instead, they were even more confused.

Doing off the wall stuff is kind of par for the course for her.

As part of an art exhibit titled "Selling Out," Grimes is now selling a piece of her actual soul.


"Selling Out​ is executed as a contract in which Grimes sells a fraction of her soul, formalizing the idea that every time an artist sells a piece of their art, part of the soul is sold with it," reads the description of the piece on the Maccarone website.

You get a signed contract, and the soul will go to the highest bidder.

Instagram | @grimes

"The purchaser will enter into a contractual agreement that outlines the terms of ownership and ultimately the connection to the joy of artistic expression," the website reads.

If you'd like to make an offer, you can email with your best!