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Curly Frillback Pigeons Put Our Expensive Salon Perms To Shame

I've written about a lot of birds, but I think this may be the first curly one. I mean, when you think of feathers, curls aren't a feature that comes to mind.

So when I saw a pic of these frillback pigeons, I did a double take, because they have some incredible curly feathers on their wings.

It probably doesn't surprise you to learn that frillbacks are considered "exhibition" or "show" birds.

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These aren't the sort of pigeons you'll often find swiping your sandwich on a street corner.

Frillbacks are the result of careful breeding over generations.

You might even assume that they can't fly.

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However, it is only the top layer of wing feathers that are curled. The flight and tail feathers only have a slightly crinkled appearance and allow for normal flying.

They don't necessarily enjoy flying much though.

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According to enthusiasts, including Charles Darwin, frillbacks tend to enjoy walking around and wandering into places they shouldn't be.

Which kind of reminds me of my dogs, really.

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It doesn't surprise me that frillbacks are popular as pets among those who enjoy medium-to large-size birds with tons of personality.

They definitely put my own frizzy curls to shame.

h/t: Roy's Farm, Darwin's Pigeons

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