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15 People Playing A Very High-Risk Game

They say without risk there's no reward. That's great and all when it comes to the stock market and career paths or whatever, but what about in everyday life?

Because if the next 16 pictures prove anything, it's that sometimes, the reward isn't worth the risk!

1. This could end very badly 

Reddit | redness81

2. That's a little far from the pool, wouldn't you say?

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

3. Dude, at least get a harness!

Fail King | Fail King

4. Twenty-five cents is a lot of money to put on the line


5. Not all risks pay off

Instagram | @goalslayings

6. Those pants are the definition of living on the edge

Imgur | Imgur

7. Sure no one can get in...but how will you get out?!

Tumblr | donniezombie

8. Ten points...that's a lot of points just to be a smart-mouth 

Reddit | jackrunbackwards

9. In case you didn't notice, it got over 50,000 retweets in less than two weeks

Twitter | @wethsilkosz

10. Jelly Belly have always been masters of risky business 

Reddit | Hold_the_mustard

11. Imagine just stubbing your toe on that thing, and BAM!

Reddit |  Spacebutterfly

12. This is what we call "high stakes, low reward"

Reddit |  viralguy1

13. And finally, the highest risk activity of all, online shopping

Instagram | @kalesalad

14. You tempt the fates, young man

Tumblr | lydisweet7

15. Careful, kitty...

Reddit | Detry
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