Woman Builds 'Friends'-Inspired Chicken Coop That Rivals Central Perk

Guys. Friends fans are on a whole other level. When they're not making key holders themed after Monica's door or doing themed newborn photoshoots, apparently they're making coops for their chicken friends.

(I'll be there for you, and you'll make eggs for me too...)

Chicken owner Jennifer R. Schmus is the genius behind the coop, and honestly? It's iconic.

This chicken coop is truly a 'Friends' fan's dream.

Facebook | Jennifer R. Schmus

Hi, purple coop!

The whole thing is painted the exact color of Monica and Rachel's front door, while the trim is done in the same yellow as the frame around their door's peephole.

There's so much to unpack here.

Facebook | Jennifer R. Schmus

First of all, the chicken silhouette shouting Ross' iconic line is so friggin' funny. We love a pun!

Second of all, I'm not sure where the blue of that door is in Friends, but I LOVE IT.

It's all in the details.

Facebook | Jennifer R. Schmus

She stencilled in a fresh take on Central Perk's logo, which I am obsessed with. She swapped out the coffee cups for eggs, because of course. Gotta stay on theme.


Facebook | Jennifer R. Schmus

Is it really Friends themed if you don't have the word "pivot" anywhere on it?

(The answer is no, according to me.)

I love the dots in between. It's such a fun take on the show's logo.

Of course, the coop had to be labelled.

So she pulled out the paints and wrote "chickens" in the Friends font, which is incredibly impressive. I do not know how she did that. And the rainbow dots are so cute!

This coop is clearly a chicken's dream come true.

Facebook | Jennifer R. Schmus

Well, if chickens knew what Friends is, of course. Regardless, the whole coop looks amazing! The colors, the writing, and the little references are so thoughtful. It's an amazing piece of art!

Jennifer's post quickly went viral on Facebook.

Over 16,000 people shared it, and over 9,000 have left comments celebrating how cute the coop is.

One person even commented that she had planned on doing her own coop, also named Central Perch! Some ideas are just timeless.

Other people had some suggestions for additions.

This one was my favorite: "Too bad it doesnโ€™t have a tall white dog statue instead of the elephant one. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ great job, love it."

That is an addition I would welcome.

Guess what?

Facebook | Tamara Lee Beltran

Remember how I said "Central Perch" was timeless? It truly is, because someone else made a sign for their chickens! Shoutout to Tamara Lee Beltran, whose sign is absolutely adorable.