Embrace Your Inner Monica With This 'Friends' Key Holder

I'll be there for you... and your keys will be there for you too (ooo-ooooo).

Etsy is a treasure trove of creative Friends-themed art, but this keyholder has to take the cake. I mean, it's Monica's whole freakin' door!

The key holder is an evolution of PbarkerStudio's other 'Friends' art.

Etsy | PbarkerStudio

They've been making recreations of Monica's door on their Etsy shop for quite a while.

Their biggest seller is this door that is actually a secret picture frame! Could that be any more creative?

The key holder takes things to the next level.

Etsy | PbarkerStudio

Sure, a replica of her door or a secret picture frame is great, but what if it did even more?

Enter the key holder. It's priced at $93, which is so reasonable for something that is entirely handmade.

The attention to detail is insane.

Etsy | PbarkerStudio

It's the little things that truly make this special: the perfect trim, the wooden floor, the starburst mirror, and the hooks with the different colors from the Friends logo on them.

Even though it's sold out right now, don't fret.

Etsy | UnicornStudioUA

You can ask Etsy to notify you when it's back in stock.

In the meantime, other Etsy artists have made their own Friends key holders, and they're what Chandler would call perfection. I mean, that Central Perk key holder? I kinda need it.

Or go for this more literal interpretation!

Etsy | LaRetrotienda

What's the next best thing to Monica's whole door? The frame, of course!

LaRetrotienda on Etsy made this adorable wood and metal key holder of Monica's framed door peephole. How cute is that?

A logo key holder is never a bad idea.

Etsy | UnicornStudioUA

This would be perfect for a group of roommates. UnicornStudioUA on Etsy also made the Friends logo come to life in key holder form, complete with the rainbow dots. Love.

This has the flavor of Monica's door.

Etsy | AwkwardNostalgia

It's not quite the door, not quite the frame. It's a happy medium in between! AwkwardNostalgia on Etsy created this key holder with a metal disc in place of the peephole. The yellow trim is the icing on the cake.

Get the iconic couch in key holder form!

Etsy | UnicornStudioUA

Skip the logo, the couch, and the door — Central Perk's couch is where it's at.

UnicornStudioUA on Etsy created a handcrafted couch key holder with a handy shelf for storing knick knacks or placing pictures on!