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We Finally Know Who The Mystery Man Is In Jennifer Lopez's Selfie

The internet literally exploded earlier this week after fans spotted a mystery man in the back of Jennifer Lopez's Insta selfie, which was fair, tbh.

JLo is known for the most fire Insta pics, especially when she's crushing it at the gym, so it was so disturbing to see what appeared to be a man creepin' in the back of her pic.

Here is the selfie in question:

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Gorgeous, right? But, take a close look. Like, take a really close look.

Can you spot the man in the background? Right above her right shoulder? Peaking through the curtains? Looking suspicious and/or scared?

WHY DOES HE LOOK LIKE HE HAS A HAND OVER HIS MOUTH? Or maybe (hopefully) a pale pink face mask?! Is he scared, or just starstruck?!

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It literally scared the BEEJEEZUS outta me when I saw it!

Fans were asking JLo, baby girl... WHAT IS GOING ON?!


Instagram | @jlo

A source told E! News that APPARENTLY this mystery man is just a normal man sitting in a zoom call meeting in the room behind the gym with JLO's future hubby, Alex Rodriguez!

They just use curtains to separate the two rooms, which is why he looks like he's peaking!

"Their office is attached to a gym and is separated by curtains from their office space," a source close to the couple explained.

"When they are doing a zoom they project it onto a big screen."

Ahhhh okay yes, that does make sense, lol.

The source continued: "If you look closely you can see Alex's arm in a navy blue shirt. He's sitting in front of their desk, with the big screen on it, so the image of the person you're seeing is who is on his Zoom call. That man was covering his mouth with his hand."

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WELL GUYS, mystery solved!

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