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Dog Siblings Recognize Each Other And Their Hug Is Warming Our Hearts

There is some debate over whether or not puppies remember their litter mates after they are all adopted into different families.

Really, there's no way to know for sure, though some researchers believe that if the puppies spend at least 16 weeks with their siblings, then they are more likely to remember them.

Anecdotal evidence definitely leans towards dog siblings not only recognizing each other, but being happy to see each other again.

Of course, we humans tend to read a lot of emotion and intent behind our doggos' actions in general.

So of course when Twitter user @libpincher shared a text she received from her dad, the internet responded with a collective "d'awwww."

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You see, when someone they knew was out walking their curly, black cockapoo, they crossed paths with another dog that was almost identical, save that the fur was white.

Expecting a greeting sniff and maybe a short play, the humans were instead surprised to see the two dogs rise up and wrap their arms around one another.

Maybe it's the current, hugless state of the world, but my heart is so warm right now that you could roast marshmallows on it.

After chatting, the humans realized that the dogs, Monty and Rosie, were actually brother and sister.

Rosie's human, Susan Killip, told The Dodo that the litter had six puppies, but these two were particularly close.

The pair had even spent an extra week together before Monty was adopted and moved away to a nearby village.

Twitter | @libpincher

That was 10 months ago but, judging by the loving reunion, this brother and sister truly missed each other.

And it's so heartwarming that, as of this writing, @libpincher's tweet has over 180,000 retweets and almost a million likes.

h/t: The Dodo

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