'Last Man Standing' Fans Are Demanding 'The Old Mandy' Come Back For Season 9

The world of television can be a pretty wild one, especially when it comes to casting. Actors can leave shows in the middle of filming, or get recast, or simply get written into less and less episodes without ever being given a reason.

These decisions are not always popular with fans, as the people behind the hit sitcom Last Man Standing have learned.

Tim Allen recently announced that the show had been renewed for its ninth season.

While fans were ecstatic at the news, there was one complaint that kept popping up, and it had to do with a casting shakeup that happened before Fox had picked up the show starting at its seventh season.

From seasons 1 to 6, the character Mandy was played by Molly Ephraim.


However, it was announced that going forward into season 7 and onwards, Ephraim would not be returning to the show and the character Mandy would be played by Molly McCook in her place.

The change has not sat well with fans.

When Tim announced that season 9 was confirmed, he was immediately hit with requests.

Many fans demanded that Ephraim return to the show for the ninth season, despite the fact that she left the show of her own volition. While her reasons for leaving were not public, many fans want her to return to the show regardless.

Fans called Ephraim "the perfect fit" for the character.

However, some people defended McCook, with one writing, "I think @mollyjmccook is doing a great job taking over the role. Get over it, people, and move on!" and another adding, "She's moved on, so should you."

Some fans have been decrying the quality of the show with the loss of Ephraim.

Other fans have been lamenting other changes to the show, like Kaitlyn Dever's reducded appearance, the inclusion of Jay Leno, and the introduction of a foreign exchange student living with the family.

What do you think of all these changes? Do you want the old Mandy back? Let us know in the comments!