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Restaurant Filled With Plush Pandas To Help Patrons Practice Social Distancing

It is May 2020 (I think?) and the global crisis caused by a novel coronavirus is still in full swing with no end in sight. Some places are beginning to open up again, some aren't, and everyone is arguing about the merits of either choice.

Meanwhile, industries are trying to find new ways to remain open and keep enough money flowing to come out the other side into the new normal.

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Even in places where restaurants are allowed to open, new measures need to be in place to protect the health and safety of patrons and staff.

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This means new cleaning routines, wider spaces between tables, protective screens, and breaking old social habits.

Maison Saigon in Thailand has been working hard on all of these elements. Tables have had clear partitions installed so that people can chat with each other and eat without exposing each other to contaminated saliva.

Of course, these changes cost money that restaurants don't have right now, so switching all the tables to smaller two-seaters isn't easy.

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And if you take away the extra chairs from four-seaters, people will naturally move toward each other.

So instead, Maison Saigon left the extra chairs, but made sure that those stationed too close to another were already occupied when patrons arrived.

And to fill those seats, they decided to opt for adorable plush pandas!

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I mean, if you've got to deal with a global pandemic limiting how close two people can sit to each other, you may as well use something that universally makes people smile.

Plus, if you're dining alone, the panda can keep you company!

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Of course, this is only one of the steps Maison Saigon is taking. They're also doing temperature checks, near constant cleaning, and have hand sanitizer ready for anyone in need.

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