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We Can't Help Smiling At These Pics Of Fuzzy Bumblebee Bums

You know what? It's been a long day and I just want to look at something that's one-hundred percent wholesome.

No political news. No Twitter wars. Just something cute that we can all agree is nice to enjoy and share with our friends.

What could possibly fit that bill, you wonder? Butts.

Bumblebee butts, specifically.

Because it turns out that bumble bums are *adorable*.

Like their honeybee cousins, bumblebees feed on the nectar of flowers, nuzzling deep between the petals to reach it. The flower's pollen gets trapped in the bee's fuzzy hair, which allows for pollination to happen.

It's a lovely little natural system.

While bumblebees and honey bees are similar in appearance, bumbles are larger, rounder, and hairier.

If there is a universal rule of cute things, it's that the smaller, rounder, and fuzzier it is, the cuter. While bumbles are large bees, they are still tiny compared to humans, so they count.

So when a bumble is foraging around in a flower, their adorable butts are sticking out for humans to enjoy.

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It's especially great when they choose smallish flowers in comparison to their bodies. Sometimes, they even appear to fall asleep with their bums in the air.

It's like a short person — i.e., me — trying to get to something at the bottom of the deep freezer.

I love it so much and will now seek bumblebee butts whenever I need a moment of adorable zen.

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