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Julianne Hough Addresses Hate She Got For Holistic Treatment Video: 'I Got All The Comments'

Julianne Hough sees her haters.

The star first caught flack for a video that went viral earlier this year. While she was just dabbling in holistic treatments, the internet only saw one thing: an exorcism.

Now, the star is speaking out about the comments she got in a new interview with Women's Health.

Julianne Hough is no stranger to controversy.

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Back in January, the former Dancing with the Stars pro went viral for a controversial video of her energy-healing session with holistic guru and bodyworker John Amaral.

This took place at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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In the video, Amaral hovered his hands over Julianne's body. This was enough to cause her to scream and contort her body.

"Expression of emotion may happen when the system moves," he said to the audience as she screamed.

Suffice to say, the clip has its critics.

“Gonna tell my kids this is the Exorcist," wrote podcast host Jackie Schimmel who shared the clip.

"Is he pulling the demonic spirit out of her booty??? so many questions. Calling a priest," added comedian Heather McMahan.

Soon after the backlash started, Julianne's brother, Derek Hough, came to her rescue.

“This stuff looks whacky and crazy but diving into it with the understanding of pure energy is a pretty wild experience,” Derek wrote on Instagram.

“Maybe ahead of its time but worth an open mind.”

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Similarly, Hough didn't seem bothered by the criticism at the time, as she soon wrote about her experience on Instagram.

"Having the best time sharing my journey and discussing the power of movement alongside these inspiring, brilliant and innovative souls. Thank you for having me #WEF2020 #Davos.”

But now, in a new interview with *Women's Health*, the actress is facing the hate head-on.

“Trust me, I got all the comments,” she said, before adding that Amaral was simply removing “stuck” energy from her spine.

"Everything that’s energy moves in a wave,” she said, explaining why her body contorted the way it did.

While Hough knows that her viewpoints are different than most, she doesn't fear being different.

“I’m a deep-[explative] person. There is no right or wrong in my viewpoint," she said.

"It is based on what works well for you,” she added.

“If those modalities feel strange to people, it may not be for them—or it may not be for them yet—and I’m okay with that. I believe in helping people trust what’s already within them.”

A lot of Hough's views come from the major transformation she underwent years ago.

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For this, she “started unplugging from the societal beliefs and cultural beliefs and religious beliefs that I grew up in.”

This meant also looking at her sexuality differently.

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“I believe in soul love, whatever that looks like. I kind of don’t believe in labels. It doesn’t mean that I won’t have a baby, etc. It just means that I’ve unplugged from what I feel like I should be doing versus what I actually want to be doing.”

Back in February, Hough's relationship with her husband, Brooks Laich, hit a rough patch.

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There was a lot of speculation of an impending divorce after Julianne was spotted without her wedding ring on several occasions.

However, things seem to be back on track, as Brooks was off-camera watching the actress perform her KINRGY workout in a livestream in March.

KINRGY is a dance workout created by the star. It officially debuted in January as part of Oprah's 2020 Vision Tour.

According to Hough, it's a 45-minute workout that's about “moving in a way that’s nurturing to each individual.”

When Brooks watched his wife perform the live stream, he got emotional.

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“He said, ‘Wow, I got emotional just watching.’ Brooks was feeling my energy; he was feeling the collective energy of all the people watching," Julianne said.

For the star, that's what it's all about.

“Everything is made up of energy,” she said, explaining her thoughts on holistic wellness.

“If you think about the universe, only 4.6 percent of it is matter. So really, we’re all just made up of energy."

"And if we’re not focusing on our energetic health, we’re missing most of what this universe is.”

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For the rest of Julianne's interview with Women's Health, you can read it here.

h/t: Women's Health