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Fans Are Freaked Out By A Video Of Julianne Hough's 'Exorcist' Energy Treatment

A video of Julianne Hough participating in an "exorcist"-like energy treatment has surfaced the web and fans are understandably a little bit freaked out over it.

Okay, so, Julianne Hough has been partaking in something called "energy treatments" — an unconventional form of therapy.

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While that may sound relatively normal, it's pretty alarming to watch.

An Instagram video receiving the treatment from Dr. John Amaral during a demonstration at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday has recently surfaced the Internet.

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It left fans feeling a bit uneasy.

In the video, Julianne is laying face-down on a massage table.

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Throughout the treatment, her body begins to twitch and move in awkward poses.

At one point she lets out an audible yelp.

Dr. Amaral explains in the video that Julianne was, as expected, releasing pent up energy stored in her body.

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"There's always a huge dissipation of energy and the feeling of relief, release, freedom," he said.

"Expression of emotion may happen when the system moves."

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"When energy that was stored and bound up in the muscles, it gets to dissipate," he continued.

"And if we're really free to express and allow energy that's been bound in our bodies to move through".

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"This woman is like, an incredible dancer, actress, just, human being, and she has practiced just allowing things to move through."

"Most people wouldn't, especially in Davos, in this environment, wouldn't make that sound," he said after Julianne screamed.

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"So you know, what they would have is physical pain, tension in their bodies. We've just been made it easier for that energy to be liberated."

Julianne isn't the only celeb to have tried out this bizarre form of therapy.


In Gwyneth Paltrow's newly released Netflix series, The Goop Lab, she undergoes the treatment with Dr. Amaral as well.

Anyway, here's the video of Julianne's session:

I am pretty convinced that Dr. Amaral is performing an exorcism here? That's the only reasonable explanation I can think of.

This is what fans are saying so far about the video of Julianne's energy treatment.

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"So many questions" is right! I've never been so confused in my life.

Some fans were truly disturbed by it.

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It's truly the sort of thing you can't simply unsee.

It's going to be engrained in my brain for a while, not gonna lie.

This person would literally rather show her children the real exorcist movie than ever watch Julianne's energy treatment ever again.

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If it's all the same, I'd rather watch neither. But that's just me.

Julianne's brother chimed in, admitting that it's definitely a bit strange but that he is keeping an "open mind" about it.

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He makes a good point!

It sure looks like an insane experience, way ahead of it's time.

On a separate day at the same forum, she also demonstrated this:

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Not going to lie, I watched this about 45 times.

I really don't know what to make of this, but I'm pretty tempted to try it out — whatever it is.

Fans couldn't believe that Julianne was involved in a part-two of this seminar.

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Now I've seen everything...

Let us know what you think of Julianne Hough's "exorcist" energy treament!