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Judi Dench Was Once Told She Had 'The Wrong Face' For Film

It's hard to imagine anyone saying anything less than glowing praise to Dame Judi Dench — the woman is an icon of stage and screen, after all.

However, Judi wasn't always a legend. First, she was a legend-in-the-making, and Judi has revealed when she first started out that people were cruel.

Judi is best known for her work as M in the *James Bond* series.

She's also a 7 time Oscar nominee and starred in Shakespeare In Love, Mrs Brown, Chocolat, Iris, Mrs Henderson Presents, Notes On A Scandal, and many other films. She's also appeared in a lot of stage plays and musicals as well.

When she went for her first movie audition, she was told something incredibly rude.

“I was told very early on I would never make films: ‘Wrong face,’” Judi recalled of the first director she auditioned for. "He said thank you very much, I don’t think you should consider films.”

“They told me I would never make a film. To which there is no reply. I put my chair against the wall. I am not quite sure why. I walked out."

"I did not want to do films anyway. I never thought I’d have a future in films as the stage is my passion. It’s never ever the same in a theatre, never. You always got a different reaction to things," Judi has since reflected.

Obviously, that director was wrong, and it's a great thing Judi didn't listen!

Just this year, Judi became Vogue's oldest cover girl at the age of 85, so it's clear that Judi's face was very, very right after all!