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Jim Parsons Bleached His Hair To 'Shake Things Up' For His Husband

Jim Parsons is an iconic brunette. Ya know, like Sophia Lauren, or Kim Kardashian. But now, it seems even quarantine is getting to the best of us as Jim revealed he has bleached his hair blonde!

Now, I am proud of myself for NOT giving into my personal quarantine hairstyle pressure, but not all of us can say the same!

Since "The Big Bang Theory" ended, Jim has been starring in Netflix's "Hollywood" which is SO good if you haven't seen it already!

Now, the legendary actor is sitting down with SiriusXM’s Jess Cagle for a Virtual Town Hall to discuss his new gig and, his rockin' new hair.

Jess immediately noticed Jim's new 'do and, like the rest of us, needed answers ASAP.

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Jim explained that he wanted to change up his hair for his hubby, Todd Spiewak.

“Quarantine causes changes and I wanted to shake things up for the husband, who only has one companion,” he explained.

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“Now he’s got sort of one-and-a-half companions,” he joked.

Okay, interesting that I'm crying! How sweet is that?!

"You know, a little new thing to jazz it up."

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See, now this is a great idea on how we can be romantic for our partner's in quarantine 2020, y'all!

I did you all a favour and captured this smexy side angle:

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HONESTLY, I kinda love it! I might be inspired now... oh no! What have you done, Jim?!

What do you think of the new 'do?! Let us know in the comments below!