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Padma Lakshmi Apologizes For Showing 'Exposed Hip' In Latest Insta Video

Padma Lakshmi is not only a gorgeous supermodel, she's a very well established chef and food critic, AS WELL as the host of the amazing culinary reality show, Top Chef.

She is also someone that trolls love to TRY TO COME FOR because they're jealous, I suppose? Let's take a brief walk down memory lane, shall we?

A few weeks back, Padma was called out for not wearing a bra during one of her Insta food tutorials because apparently, it's 1912.

Instagram | @padmalakshmi

"Is no one going to comment on why she feels the need to put her nipples on social media in every video? No? Just sad," commented one troll.

Another follower called her "immoral" for posting such a video!

Naturally, Padma didn't take these INSANE comments nicely and let her h8ters know that wasn't gonna fly on her page!

Instagram | @padmalakshmi

"If I don't want to wear a bra in my kitchen sometimes during this everlasting quarantine that shouldn't be any of your concern," she clapped back.

Now, Padma is getting ahead of her trolls in her latest Insta video by PRE-APOLOGIZING in her caption, lol.

"We made Cast-Iron Chicken! P.S. I am very sorry about my exposed hip. I publicly and unequivocally apologize. It was not my intention to bring back 2000’s era thong exposure à la Britney Spears in that Pepsi ad," she joked.


Instagram | @padmalakshmi

Look, Padma's hips don't lie!

And if a chef can't let her hips hang out in the comfort of her own kitchen, where can she?!