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Gene Simmons Slams Twitter Users Who Are 'Uninformed' About Face Masks: 'Be Safe, Not Sorry'

You know what we love to see? Celebs using their platform to spread awareness and education about pressing issues, like the importance of wearing cloth face masks while out in public.

Information about the coronavirus pandemic is rapidly changing and Diply is committed to providing the most recent data as it becomes available. Some of the information in this story may have changed since publication, and we encourage readers to use online resources from CDC and WHO to stay up to date on the latest information surrounding COVID-19.

Rock n' roll legend Gene Simmons is taking to Twitter to clap back at his followers who aren't taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously.

And behalf of the rest of the world, we THANK YOU Gene!

Think cloth masks aren't effective at stopping the spread of coronavirus?! THINK AGAIN!

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The CDC (and Gene) are encouraging everyone wear face coverings while out in public to slow the spread of COVID-19!

He also doesn't have time for anyone playing the blame game.

"This affects everyone of us," he clapped back at Twitter user Kano Dickenson.

"Cut it out."

Gene also emphasized that this is not a political virus!

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"Covid 19 doesn't give a squat if you're left-wing or right wing," he wrote.

The main message? Wear cloth masks to protect the vulnerable population that needs our efforts!

Twitter | @genesimmons

And in the words of Gene Simmons: "Be kind. Do it for everyone else."

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