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Alanis Morissette Opens Up About The Struggles Of Breastfeeding While Going Through Menopause

Rock legend and feminist icon Alanis Morissette is opening up about the wild and wonderful world of breastfeeding while going through the beginning stages of menopause.

Alanis is no stranger to letting fans into her personal life, which is why she is so iconic and so beloved by SO MANY OF US!

As you may know by now, the 45-year-old music legend has three adorable children with hubby Mario "Souleye" Treadway.

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There's nine-year-old Ever, three-year-old Onyx, and eight-month-old Winter.

Now see, those are some cool, normal Hollywood kid names!

I'm looking at you, Elon Musk.

Alanis has been refreshingly candid about her parenting techniques, letting fans know what works best for her family!

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Remember when she explained "unschooling" to us and our brains basically exploded?

Alanis told ** that she plans on "unschooling" all three of her children.

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"Unschooling, for me, is child-led education," she explained.

I know right? I'm fascinated as well!

She explained: "So if there’s some agenda like, 'Let’s play with these magnet tiles,' and my daughter is like, [expletive] those tiles. I want to put glitter on that thing and cut the tree and put the thing,’ boom — we do that.”

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"I basically get inside their eyeballs," she continued.

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"I’m constantly watching their eyes and what they’re pulled toward, and then we do the deep dive."

Sounds pretty cool to me!

She explained that she and her husband Mario “Souleye” Treadway use their home as an educational playground.

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"My husband and I create pods all over the house — here’s where the spelling area is, and here’s where the fake animals are. There’s probably a better definition of unschooling, but there’s no rigidity to it."

And while explaining unschooling was a positive revelation, Alanis has also opened up about her parenting struggles, including the "[expletive] storm" that is breastfeeding while going through menopause.

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The medical term for this is called "lacto-menopause."

I know right? I'm basically a doctor.

While speaking to *The Sunday Times*, Alanis explained how she is dealing with the hormone cocktail going on in her body right now.

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"It’s a [expletive] storm. If my hormones are great I’m … When they’re not, my head spins around," she explained.

"I’ll say to my family, ‘If Mommy doesn’t have six minutes alone right now, you’ll get Cranky Mommy.'”

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As for self care, Alanis says she isn't picky, which is something I'm sure many parents can relate to!

"Any [expletive] thing. Just silence. I’ll hide in a bathroom stall. I’ll walk out into the hallway. Last night I went into the bedroom and sat. I mean, I’d love six hours, but…”

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The singer also touched on the postpartum depression that she suffered with all three of her children.

"My first two children, it was mostly depression, suicidal ideation, and anxiety. But the depression was so in my face that the anxiety was just background music. With this one, it’s mostly anxiety and almost no depression. I’ve come to understand that this is purely animal,” she concluded.

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It's so awesome that Alanis is being so open and honest.

We love you, girl!

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