Mark Ruffalo Celebrates 16th Anniversary Of '13 Going On 30'

One of the many reasons we love and adore Mark Ruffalo is because he's our Hollywood nostalgia king!

If you can BELIEB it, it's been 16 YEARS since the iconic coming of age rom-com *13 Going On 30* was released.

Justice for Jennifer Garner's acting career!

Mark Ruffalo stared alongside Jennifer in this early aughts cult classic film.

Twitter | @MarkRuffalo

Released in 2004, this movie is already celebrating its sweet 16!


Now, if you ask me, this precious movie deserves to be honored EVERY year! The outfits! The hair! The *Thriller* dance number!


Mark clearly AGREES with me, and took to his Twitter to give the film an anniversary shoutout!

Of course, in his classic ~Ruffalo~ fashion, he joked about the Razzies.

You know, those awards for all the worst movies and performances of the year?

And as Twitter user @maurdo9 pointed out, we could all use some fresh air, a glass of wine and a fluffy pillow right about now!

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