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Red Avadavat Birds Are Also Called 'Strawberry Finches' — For Obvious Reasons

Sometimes a bird species has a name that raises your eyebrows and seems to have nothing to do with the actual appearance of the bird.

But other times, a species' name, or nickname, is perfect.

*Strawberry finch* is the exact right name for this beautiful bird.

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Its official name is the Red Avadavat, but when you see that bright crimson color and white spots, a strawberry is definitely what comes to mind.

In some places, it's also called a Red Munia.

These beautiful birds are found throughout tropical Asia.

During the quiet seasons, the males have a similar brown color and red bum to their female counterparts, but once mating season begins, the males become fabulous.

Their bodies turn mostly bright red, save for the dark ends of their wings and tail.

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The color shift also makes their white spots stand out beautifully.

Unsurprisingly, they are a popular choice as pets.

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Humans have long chosen pet bird species based off of color or song. In fact, strawberry finches are the only waxbill species to have its own true song, as opposed to just random sounds.

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