One Lucky True Crime Fan Can Get Paid $1,000 For Binge Watching Documentaries

There isn't much to do these days besides binge watch TV, so imagine MY DELIGHT to discover you can get paid $1,000 to watch true-crime documentaries for 24 hours!

Because who needs sleep, right?!

Documentary streaming service MagellanTV is looking for one lucky true-crime fan to participate in the ultimate watch party!

The task? Watch 24 hours of true-crime documentaries in two days.

That's 16 documentaries!

The reward? $1,000 cash plus a one-year membership to MagellanTV and three, three-month memberships for friends and family!



True-crime fans have until May 4th to submit a 100-word essay as to why they deserve to be the chosen one!

To find out more about this awesome opportunity, go to the MagellanTV website!

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